Friday, September 28, 2007

Bloggers United Against Violence!

I decide to take part in this bloggers campaign against violence organized by BlogCatalog! Violence has so many shapes and forms i couldn't decide what to blog about so i decided to give some link love to all those bloggers participating... so together we can stop violence together!!
Well at least we are doing something... and if some of these posts can only reach one person i will still think it's worth it!!!

Stop Dating Violence-Bloggers Unite to Stop Abuse
Keeping Children Safe
One Woman's Story

Child prostitution and sex slave trade

Stop Self Abuse

E-mail Abuse
Blog about Child Sexual Abuse
Stop Abuse Against Women

Domestic abuse - wife beating husbands
Being Mentally Abusive to Your Child and Not Knowing It
Stop the Abuse of Horses
Blogging against Child Abuse
Students abuse by teachers
Blogging Against Abuse Day
Bloggers Against Abuse Day: Amnesty International
Stop Elder Abuse and Neglect
Abuse covered with silk
Stop Verbal Abuse
Abusing Animals - Direct Way to Destruction
Stop The Abuse: Dogs
Stop the Abuse-Developmentally Disabled
A Call to End Environmental Abuse
Imprisoned, Banished, Persecuted
Speak Out For Autistics - Blog Against Abuse
Domestic Abuse-Bloggers Unite
Genocide in Darfur Continues Today!
Bloggers against abuse : Bf abused by Gf
Bloggers Against Abuse: The Use of Language
Stop the abuse - children’s rights

9 confessions:

Katie said...

it's a good cause, and wow that's a long list. I'll have to check out some of those blogs.

confessing7girl said...

i know its a big list but if u could just visit some or even suppose the cause urself that would be great!! :)

Lori said...

Hey thanks for the linklove:) I think it was important to take the time to participate. I wish more would have.

Nicole said...

Great idea and thanks for the link love. :)

confessing7girl said...

@lori:yeah it was very important... im sure we all made a little difference yesterday!

@nicole:u r all welcome!! great posts!! :)

Jim said...

we can make a difference
u and i

confessing7girl said...

@jim:we sure can!! :D thanks for coming by...

Julie Delvaux said...

Hi, it was a really good enterprise, and got me started on the subject I've been thinking about for a while (the use of language). Thanks a lot for the link!

Julia :-)

confessing7girl said...

hey julie u r welcome!! i thought ur post of the abuse of language was absolutely original and deserved some love! :D