Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The Awards Gallery!!

The Thinking Blogger Award was my 1st award!! Soul&Body nominated me. Thanks girl!!

Taylor_Blue from Mom's Out There thought i was a Rockin' Girl Blogger!!

My fabulous girl Lisa from Living the Secret just awarded me with some schmooze love:
confessing7girl-A better schmoozer there never was! Confessing is such a doll and always responds to every comment left on her blog. Just yesterday she posted all about the ireply and dofollow movements. Very upbeat, she's a joy to know!
Blog Awards WinnerThis time i got a Blog of the Day award! Thanks Taylor for the nomination!

The Nice Matters Award was given to me by Katie from Katie's Reading and by Marzie from Mariuca - wishing on a falling star! You girls rock!!

I got this Blogging Star Award from Aussiecynic at What was God thinking!! Thank you so much!!

Christy from Totally Fabulous gave me this Totally Fabulous Award, i guess i'm fabulous!! ;)
And for the second and 3rd time awarded with Totally Fabulous by Marzie and Bobby at WGM!

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