Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My Communities

This was the first blog community i joined and where i found some of my best blogger friends!! Love it!

Just another blogger directory, i still can't figure how it's suppose to work!

Growing blog directory with discussion boards and communities!

My profile and blogs on Technorati, don't forget to favorite my blog!
And add me as a friend on too!!!

Find my 7Confessions Feed on FeedBurner!

Here you can find my own videos!! I haven't been posting much but i promise that when House starts i'm gonna have some exclusive videos for you! ;)

All my favorite stories on digg, you can also add my as a friend!!

My photos on Flickr, i don't usually use it but i have some pictures of Johnny Depp, London Vacation and Portugal there!!

Most of my images, specially the one you can find all over my blog are stored at Shareapic, where you can upload your images and earn with them! Find my profile and all my image galleries here.

Find all my favorite sites on StumbleUpon!! Add me as a friend and let's share!!!

I also use and Netscape Netscape

Read my fabulous lenses on Squidoo:
Johnny Depp Obsessions

My HubPages: Johnny Depp Photos + MusicVideo!
POTC: At World's End Review
Celebrity Aging: Natural or Plastic??

My fabulous work on PowerPoint!!

Myspace is still pretty new but if you are there send me a message and add me as a friend ;)

Find more about my personality and do the tests and get your own MyPersonality page!!

MyLot profile!!

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