Saturday, March 31, 2007


Divorce settlement
Britney and K-Fed divorce chapter 1022....Attorney says: "The parties signed an agreement which was a global settlement on all issues of their marriage and child custody." Finally........
In the picture, we have a fresh Spears watching a Lakers game with a friend (March 30).

Ricky Martin defends gay Mexican musician
Ricky comes out on defense of Christian Chavez, that recently confessed he is gay, saying "Life's too short for the closet..." but doesn't talk about his own sexuality. Everybody thinks he is gay already so why not deny or confess it too?

John Mayer in love!
Yeah it's official now John and Jessica Simpson have finally confirmed something that everybody was already talking about. I just don't get one thing....Nick i could understand but what does a smart sensible guy like John sees in brainless Jessica??

2 confessions:

Auto said...

boobs, that's what he sees.

confessing7girl said...

I've seen better boobs...but must be something like that...