Monday, March 26, 2007

Trouble in CSI
What the hell is wrong with the TV hit show CSI:Crime Scene Investigation?? Is it me or no one is watching it anymore?? 'Till now season 7 has been a complete fiasco, Grissom out Grissom's back, an out of place Kepler with his reverse forensics, no quality time for the main characters! WE want more!WE wanna see that CSI magic again!!!!!!!
On the other hand CSI:Miami is unstoppable, good story lines, good character interaction and of course the amazingly dedicated Horatio Caine played by David Caruso.

I just couldn't resist to post this video....while on interview with James Lipton, Hugh Laurie was asked to play something on the piano and here it is the result. It's funny he wrote it and i promise it's worth your time....

2 confessions:

Taylor_Blue said...

OMG he is amazing...did you know that he picks most of the music for the show HOUSE???

confessing7girl said...

i know!!!!!! dont u love the lyrics!?? i cant get enough of it ...its amazing funny it makes sense!!