Sunday, March 18, 2007

What´s going on?

Johnny Depp out

Depp is currently taking a break from his role on the upcoming movie directed by Tim Burton (again! 6movies now!) "Sweeney Todd". All cause his eldest daughter Lily Rose was in the hospital and is now still recovering at home from an undisclosed disease.
OHHHH, what a DAD!!And he is cute too...
Well Lily get well soon!!

Britney having fun in rehab!

Here she is having some fun in a tennis court and she has a wig on!! Nice, but oh oops while she's taking a smoke it's too hot to have that wig on!

After rumours about Britney's depression, bulimia and a surprising addiction to coke (don't be so shocked i'm talking about cans of Coca-Cola), she found love in rehab, a rock band member (bad company i say!). Meanwhile she also received a letter of support from ex-boyfriend Justin and her official website has a support box for fans to leave their messages too.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Johnny had children!! More infos about him please! Such an interesting person should be better known! At least I want to know! Please! Nice blog!! ;) myn