Monday, April 16, 2007

Can't Miss This...

John Mayer & Jessica Simpson

CSI:Miami by Jim Carrey

8 confessions:

Keshi said...

I like Jim Carey :)


Rajeev said...

Hey the first video is not available.
and for the second one, Jim Carrey is god!!
tht was hilarious :P

Peace & Love

confessing7girl said...

thanx for the tip!!
Yeah Jim Carrey is just the best!!!!!:D

Rajeev said...

temme when u come to yahoo sometime.
Ill let u know ;)
Peace & Love

Protegeoflife said...

good vidoe nice which showis it

confessing7girl said...
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confessing7girl said...

thanx for your visit!!
the Jessica/John video is from Saturday Night Live and Jim Carrey is from Letterman!!

soul&body said...

i love jim carrey!!! he is the best, great actor!!!