Tuesday, April 17, 2007

On Request: For JAMES...

Message... "i hate you when you play dumb, i love you when you're cute...i hate you when you don't say what you want to...i love you for you!!"

6 confessions:

soul&body said...

i love that lyric!!!! that music is so cool, love it

Jewel Rays said...


Thanks for visting my space. And i like that message down the video. Rings true.


Rajeev said...

nice track.
btw who's James ;)

Peace & Love

Anonymous said...

lucky james

confessing7girl said...

James is a friend's "boyfriend" and he makes his girl go insane sometimes so she wrote that little message for him... im just not sure if he will ever discover this message on my blog but the intentions is good!!!

Nothingman said...

nice blog...i can't wait for potc to come out though...damm!