Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Straight to the point


I don't know if you ever saw Bones but the show is quite funny and good but 2 seasons?? There can't possibly exist so many skeletons with interesting stories!!
What really feeds the audience is the relationship between the 2 main characters: Agent Booth and Dr. i have an idea... Booth jumps Brennan's bones and they quickly end the show!!
Grey's Anatomy
Another pointless TV show!! We all know
Meredith should be happy with her McDreamy and Addison should get over it and restart with McSteamy...
On the other hand i think the show is really scary! Did you ever imagine going to an hospital where the Doctors are more interested in talking about each others life than actually treating patients!!??
Anyway i wasted 2 minutes of my time to make the Grey's Diagnosis:
And i'm Addison!! So which character are you most like?

2 confessions:

soul&body said...

eu nunca vi bones, mas por vezes vejo grey's anatomy.
mas o que realmente adoro ver é
da house rulezzzz ^_^ lol

confessing7girl said...

Totally agree!!! House is way better than any other doctors tvshows!!:D And if u really like Hugh go see my mystery post-march 26!!:D:D:D