Monday, May 21, 2007

POTC Countdown

...3 days to go...
OMG! i just found this amazing video, Johnny Depp interview at the World Premiere POTC "At World's End"...hey i would have something to show him too...something very smooth and golden!! :D

11 confessions:

LeRoy Dissing said...

You are too much confessing7girl! lol...indeed and what would that something very smooth & golden be??

Rajeev said...

U must see a doctor soon!!
something is seriously worng with u!!


peace & love

Drama Div@ said...

I have a confession to make:

i in love wt Capt Sparrow...The greatest pirate of all time... Call me crazy.. i dont care...


SJ said...

Capt. Sparrow costume - $100
Gym charges to get into Depp-like shape - $1000
Hollywood makeup artist charges (to look like Depp) - $100000

Cheating this girl into showing ME the golden and smooth - Priceless!!

RennyBA said...

It's soon in cinemas in Norway too - do I need to see the movie? :-)

soul&body said...

ta quase la!!! não desesperes!!! :D

confessing7girl said...

@Leroy: a bracellet??? a ring?? a necklace!!! :D who knows!!

@Rajeev: oh i know i need therapy!! depp therapy!!

@drama div@:girl u r not alone..i understand and support u!!

@SJ: just love ur comments ...u r way too funny!!!

@Rennyba:of course u hv to!!! everyone must see this movie!! hey i think they should pay me for all this free advertising!!

@soul&body:im calm, i can control myself!!!

Prashant said...

scribbled in previous post.

Smiles :)

Katie M. said...

He is so... well sexy. He's Johnny Depp enough said! ;)

curryegg said...

Looks like you're greatly in love with Jonny Depp. You've written him in a few post. wonder rajeev asked you to seek a doctor. lol...joking. anyway, he's cool

confessing7girl said...


@katie m.:agreed!! :D no one better!!!!!

@curryegg::D i promise ill try to control myself!!