Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm thinking of getting back on the dating scene but it's soo complicated i don't know if i can play that game right now ... so i leave you with a poem that reminds me why i'm single now...

No need to fear a growling bear
Or a dark forboding stranger.
But all you women on this earth
Beware of one grave danger!

Times have changed from years ago
But still it's just as then.
Be on your guard and on the watch
For our enemy is.... MEN!

There are many of them in the world,
Different, yet they're all the same.
How often has one said "I love you",
Then next week forgets your name?!

Where do they get the lines they use?
"Do you come here often?" "Beautiful eyes!"
It may sound good to hear them talk
But we know they're full of lies.

Make sure to watch for subtle tricks
Like "Loosen up, have a drink."
You'll know what his true motives are,
If you have the time to think.

You'd think they'd change as they mature,
Since wisdom comes with age.
But truthfully they never do
Outgrow that youthful stage.

The world would be a better place.
Without men. But still I doubt
That I would be much happier because
"Can't live with them....or without.
By Anita MacGillis

19 confessions:

lisa q. said...

haha...funny can do it's all in the attitude! :P

kaylee said...

haha great poem.....I never thought I was going to date either but,here I am with a great boy just have a good attitude and do what you feel is right!OK SPEECH OVER HAHA!GOOD LUCK WITH WHATEVER YOU CHOOSE!

confessing7girl said...

@lisa:i know girl its all in the positive im the confident attitude ... and i kinda like that 1st part of the dating game!! u know the seduction part ;)

@kaylee:im still thinking .... we will see!! i dont really feel like hunting for opportunities!! but ill keep my eyes open!! :D

Rajeev said...

Beware of affairs concerning women;
For like the rose,
They exude the sweetest of scents,
Yet harbour the sharpest of thorns.

peace & love

Susie said...

Dating is hard, I agree and heartbreaking at times but if you look at it as experiences you garner and each one.. good and bad is getting you closer to the one you are suppose to be with.. I think you can do it. I have been single for the most of my life and I enjoyed it as much as I can...But being with someone teaches you more about who you are than you can ever manage alone. I love the book, "Keeping the Love You Find" it talks about how relationship are spiritual partnership where you mirror each others values and also faults and how you can work it out in your partnership together to heal and grow. Go for it!

Pedestrian Observer said...

What a dilemma huh? Anyway thanks for visiting my blog but I am confident that in time you will look at us men in a better light.......... just don't ever wander in some parts of the globe where medieval tribal mentality still prevails among men.

confessing7girl said...

@rajeev: ah ah here is my favorite writer u just had to drop in something about women!!! :D

@susie:girl u r absolutely right theres nothing like having someone to share everything! i know but im a little afraid of getting hurt again im sure u know that feeling... lets just say im keeping my eyes open to new experiences but im not just diving into something that fast for now! ;)

@pedestrian observer:i know men r not the same! theres a lot of good guys out there!! i just havent found one for me yet!! :D

krystyna said...

Funny poem, but in my opinion authentic too.
Men generally like to lie, (women like too?).

"Keep my eyes open!"It is your good, smart decision.

But remmember - everybody different. In my life I met and I know (only few!!!) very honest and great men. (sorry, don't ask for address - they are not single)
I'm sure you will meet a great, honest and lovely man.
Susie's suggestion is worth to think over.
Love and happiness be with you!

confessing7girl said...

@krytyna:thanks for the good advice girl and thanks for the support u just made me think about something we say : "Men r like public toilets: they stink or they r taken!! " :D of course im not generalizing here !! i know theres good single men out there!!

krystyna said...

You're right - (without generalizing).
Have a sweet Sunday!

SJ said...

Come on you are in your early 20s you don't need to find THE GUY now :) You will some day when you least expect it. Have fun till then.

Would it be ok if we are honest about our nasty intentions? :D

Terence Chang said...

Ha Ha .... Very interesting ...

confessing7girl said...

@krystyna:thanks girl u too ;)

@SJ:ah i know i know but im sick of playing the flirting game and the lets be friends game and the lets play dating game!! :D

@terence: glad to see u around!! :D

stormin said...

i have never forgotten the names of the girls who i told were beautiful.

confessing7girl said...

@stormin: thanks for coming by and that is soo romantic!! :D

SecretLove said...

Great Blog
Great Poem
Come on though
We are not all the same ?? are we ?

confessing7girl said...

@secretlove: hiii welcome!! and thank u for leaving ur comment!!of course men arent all the same!! thats why girls look for mr right!! :D

Forumer said...

Nowadays, men afraid of gurlzzz, because gurlz now stronger than man, even gurlz also enter bodybuilding. They can just chokeslam the skinny men :D

confessing7girl said...

@forumer: hii thanks for visiting me and leaving me a comment!! ahh u r afraid of us?? :D thats an interesting point.... but i dont think men hurt girls cause they r afraid of them but cause they r bored with them!! ;)