Tuesday, July 17, 2007

David & Victoria Beckham conquer America!

They came, they saw, they conquered!! I think this applies to the Beckham family, first they crashed the LAX airport, photographers and fans everywhere it was chaos (photo gallery)!!! You would think that big warm welcome would be for a major movie star but no it's for a major soccer star!! Do Americans even know how many players it takes to make a soccer match?? :D

Anyway David was received in the biggest LA Galaxy press conference introducing a new player ever!! And even before he got there the Galaxy jerseys with his name were all sold out... but i wonder if the fans where more excited to see David or Victoria!?! Again the cameras were all pointed at Victoria Beckham... (more pictures here)

David Beckham just launched his official Website an official blog, so now you can know all about what he's doing and what's happening in his life! I strongly recommend girls to visit the blog (or eye candy photo gallery) it's good for your health ;)!! Besides the reality show Beckhams in America is coming soon on a TV set near you!!

On their short time in America they were seen shopping with the 3 kids (Brooklyn, Romeo & Cruz) at Toys'R'Us and casual at the coffee shop (photo gallery)... and sexy in speedos.

... but Victoria has been busy making some family promotion at Tonight Show with Jay Leno, you can watch the video of the interview here! I think she was pretty cool with making fun of herself and that short video where she is getting her driver's license is just hilarious!!?

I've learned that you can't just love or hate this family, you can find it pretty amusing too!!
What do you think of the Beckham fever?? Are you going to start watching and going to the soccer league games??

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Taylor_Blue said...

What a great post!! GOod job...here in Canada it isn't such a big deal. I don't even think it was mentioned. I like Victoria just because we have the same name and birthday (I think!!) but other than that...who knows?

lisa q. said...

haha no, most americans probably don't know how many players it takes...we just know beckham is hot, hot, hot! :D

Daniel said...

Right, Lisa. Girls love Beckham cause he's hot, not because he plays soccer. He's a money making machine, not a soccer player. That's why Real Madrid kept him - he made them tens and hundreds of $ millions. And now he's gonna produce that money for LA :)

confessing7girl said...

@taylor:ahh they sure know how to make an headline both in europe and america u wait and see when they conquer canada!! :D

@lisa:hehe i think thats it... he is just a good piece!! :D ah he is a good soccer player too but image counts!! :D

@daniel: hi there welcome and thanks for leaving a comment!! i hv to agree with u there he is more of a money machine than anything else!! but hey i love soccer!!! ;)

Forumer said...

Howdy?? Thanx 2 you too for drop by at my house hehe

And number 7 is my favourite number!!! I love it, and may be i'll love who loves no 7 too huhu

Is that really Beckham change to number 23? I still don;t know this because i'm not really a soccer fan :D

Hope you always in peace and happiness

Best regards

Jolly Green Girl said...

Love Becks... he's one sexy Mofo.. but his wife is way too skinny for my taste :) Someone please feed her.. she looks like she's going to be swept away by the wind any second now

soul&body said...

humm sim ele é muito jeitoso lolololol
e como disseram anteriormente ele é uma maquina de dinehrio, lol porque é que ele não me da nem seker um1/4 do seu dineheiro ia me ajudar um bocado ahahahah ( sim tou a ser mazinha) mas nem toda agente nasce para tal ( rico efamoso)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love Posh and Becks! They are shameless self promoters and make no bones about it!

KAYLEE said...


Katie M. said...

I don't think that I'll be paying too much attention. It's kind of a cool thing I guess... and he is cute but still... that isn't enough.

krystyna said...

I enjoyed my time being here.
And I visited your store. You have very interestings things!
Good luck to you!

A'Dell said...

I swear, there is just something about that woman that makes me want to buy People magazine and read it in public. The unbelievable skinny-ness, the boobs pushed up mile-high, the asymmetrical haircut, the teensy legs that she manages to walk on...And her hot husband. Plus, she has kids! She has that waist AND CHILDREN!

I am so excited they are moving here. It will make my daily gossip rounds waaaay more interesting. Yes. I can be very shallow.

Lynda Walldez said...

Hi, just stopping by to invite you to this, I thought you would be interested:
Invite your friends as well! :D

Drama Div@ said...

obviously Victoria Beckham, aka Posh is pretty and not a bitch as other people's think..atleast not bitchy enough!!

check out Tom’s $400k "Welcome to America" gift for the Beckhams.. wish I was rich.

Rajeev said...

caught the beckham fever now huh! :D
heheh! :D
how've u been doin'!?

peace & love

confessing7girl said...

@forumer: ahh number seven is my lucky number!! yeah its official beckham is number 23... (i think he choose 23 cause it was Michael Jordan's number or something....im not sure about that!)

@jolly green girl: hey girl amen!! that girl seriously needs some food!! someone please give her a chocolate bar.... i think she doesnt know what it is!! :D

@soul&body: oh yeah girl he is HOT!!! and being rich doesnt hurt!! :D

@barrett laurie:so true ... what u get is what u see ... no hidden agendas!

@kaylee: hey girl u r a sports fan right?? soo soccer is a beautiful game once u get a chance to know it!!

confessing7girl said...

@katie m.:yeahh i get it... but he is cute!! cant hurt looking at his photos in the press... and they always make great gossip stories

@krystyna: ahh thanks girl , glad u liked my store!! :D

@a'dell:girl u r not shallow!! i love gossip and i consider myself gossip challenged ;) yeaaa i wanna read more and more and more about them!!! ahh he is HOT!!! :D

confessing7girl said...

@lynda walldez: hii thanks for visiting... will be checking the link later!

@drama div@: ahh she just wants attention, it could be worst!! they got a welcome gift ?????!!!!! ahh rich people attract even more money!!

@Rajeev: i totally got the fever!!! im ok how r u!:D

Scott Ryan said...

7 is my lucky number but i am not a soccer fan.

Taylor_Blue said...

becks is hot...i'd do him!!!

Baxter Tocher said...

Please let them never come back!

confessing7girl said...

@scott ryan: hii scott thanks for visiting and dropping me a comment!7 is that powerful number, its mystical, its my lucky number tooo!!

@taylor: :D hehe u r soo right I would definitely DO him! :D

@baxter tocher: thanks for ur visit!! ... i see u dont like them that much but hey they r good for gossiping :D:D