Monday, October 8, 2007

New iRing: The World at Your Fingers!

This must be the most amazing invention since the TV remote control, the new iRing isn't just a gadget that can control your iPod or iPhone through bluetooth technology it's a new fashion accessory making you look even more fabulous!
Let me explain how this works:

Intuitive Volume Control- slide your finger across the touch sensitive surface to control volume.

Lock Function- to lock the ring unintentional commands, bend your ring
finger to squeeze the two rubber parts.

Skip/Pause/Play Control- tap the Apple icon to toggle between Play and Pause functions. Tap the touch strip to the left or right of the Apple icon to skip the previous or next song respectively.

How can this work?? With a rechargeable battery that can run up to 2 days... look at the recharge device, looks like a little box for your fabulous ring!!
Did i mention my birthday is coming up?? :D I kid!!

Source: Gadget7

2 confessions:

Katie said...

OMG. Forget diamonds... I want this ring! lol.

Awesome article. I'll definitely have to find a way to order this little jewel sometime soon.

Thanks for sharing!

confessing7girl said...

i know girl i want one too!! but its going to be hard to find it in Portugal!! :D ill wait a few months if i dont get it here im going to order it online!! i love it too much!!