Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rihanna's Dog DJ: What Breed is that??

I have been having a lot of people mailing me asking what is the breed of Rihanna's new dog DJ, so i decided to post the answer! I will have to confess i thought it was just a toy poodle but one of my readers Fashion_Diva warned me that the dog is a rare and very expensive Maltepoo!
That means DJ is a poodle hybrid, mixture of a Maltese and a Poodle and i have to say he is sure one of the cutest, a celebrity in its own dog world! Other famous Maltepoos include Jessica Simpson's Daisy and Vanessa Hudgens' Shadow...

3 confessions:

Drama Div@ said...

the puupy is her latest accessory!! Anyway he is cute.

confessing7girl said...

well they call mixture of breeds the designer dogs!! im much more a fan of natural, abandon dogs for a pet!! but the dog is way too cute!!

Crimson Moon said...

Its a mutt and an overpriced one at that. Red is not rare in the poodle world people. If she bought this dog from a petshop or a greedy breeder she got TAKEN.

When has it become trendy and hip for a celeb to support bad breeding practices such as making mutts and puppymills?

Again just because you don't see a color often does not make it rare. It means in most cases that its a color that goes against breed standard set down by the AKC.

Maltipoos are mutts by design, they are not a a breed. If you breed two of them you will get pups that look nothing like the parents.

The only reason he was EXPENSIVE is because petshops and mutt breeders KNOW that people will spend 1200 or more for a mutt because most people do not do their research.

Google maltipoo and see how many hits you get. They aren't rare, neither a shichons, shipoos or any other designer breed.

I'll be checking back to see if this actually gets posted.