Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sex and the City Movie Wardrobe Spoilers

The ladies from Sex and the City are known for their exquisite sense of style but in the movie they push the envelope with some shocking outfits!
Cause what you see isn't always what you get, there is not going to be a marriage in the movie and Charlotte is not pregnant, it's all a dream! But i think at the end they all get what they were looking for...

Each of the four characters has had a distinct style carefully developed for her:

  • Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is fearlessly fashionable: her style ranges from uptown chic to whimsy to sex kitten. Stilettos are a staple, and Field mixes designer with flea market finds for Carrie's unique look.
  • Samantha (Kim Cattrall) wears sexy styles that exude confidence.
    She is a Woman (with a capital "W") and the message comes across loud and clear through strong styles and bold color.
  • Charlotte (Kristin Davis) has a sweet, preppy style that is always accompanied by the proper bag and shoes. Bows, cute prints and feminine styles play up the kind nature of her character.
  • Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) looks like a very well-dressed career gal with chic corporate suits and androgynous styles.
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