Monday, November 26, 2007

Alyson Hannigan Happy & in Page Six Magazine

I still remember Alyson from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I loved her character Willow but Alyson surprised us with her role in the American Pie movies.
What really matters is that Alyson is happily married to Alexis Denisof, who she met on Buffy’s set as he played the character Wesley.

“With a happy marriage, a healthy career and the looks of a woman 10 years younger (she’s 33!), actress Alyson Hannigan proves that good things happen to nice girls.”

4 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Her career may be healthy, but her henpecked husband's acting career died after he married her.

confessing7girl said...

ahh i dont think he ever had that big of a career before or after but he certainly dropped off the map after the marriage!

Sanjay said...

Why doesn't happen in love O We love me more he love for me for love me all her .

Anonymous said...

Man she's gorgeous! And Willow was the most complex character on Buffy, with Spike at a close second. Anyway, Alyson's great! Thanks for these photos :)