Friday, November 2, 2007

Ellen DeGeneres is a One Woman Show

This week Ellen DeGeneres was at her best ever, she started off dancing to the rhythm of ‘Toy Soldier’ that is on Britney Spears new album Blackout (Ellen is doing more promotion on the album than Britney herself!!) and then dressed as a very pregnant Jennifer Lopez for Halloween!! Love Ellen!!

Oh Ellen got Victoria Beckham to get out of her heels and into a white plain pair of snickers and to give her some fashion advice! Not like Ellen needs it anyway!

Ellen and Portia De Rossi were as happy as ever at Takashi Murakami Honors Marc Jacobs, denying all the rumors about a split!!
Go Ellen!

2 confessions:

DavidSpates said...

I like Ellen a lot but c'mon, this is crazy. She messed up. I wish that the agency would have given the dog back, but if I would have had to go through what the people at the agency are going through ( death threats, constant calls...) I would have said the hell with everyone too. Anyway to see what I really think go to
There's some extra footage and my take on the whole deal.

confessing7girl said...

hiiiiiii david thank u for coming by and sharing ur videopinion!! ;)