Saturday, November 3, 2007

Give Your Skin a Star Treatment with Skin MD Natural

I have had dry skin problems forever it seems. I have used a lot of hand and body lotions and the dry skin never stops. I received this offer to test this new lotion, Skin MD, and to tell the truth I wasn't really impressed, I thought it would be just like all the other lotions I tried over the years!
I was surprised with the product I received, first because the lotion Skin MD is refreshing and it feels like it's absorbed by your skin and you don't get sticky lotion hands! I bet you know what I mean, I wasn't afraid to type on my laptop right after I got my hands moisturized or afraid my clothes will be stained!
Basically feet and hands are my worst dry skin spots and I have been noticing that using Skin MD regularly really helps keep your skin moisturized. And it decreases the horrible effect of irritated skin, especially when it's cold.
Just today I was visiting my mom and she was complaining about her dry hands that cracks, it can be quite painful. I remembered I had a free sample in my purse so I gave it to her. She put it on and immediately said her hand irritation was gone!
Skin MD Natural is recommended by Doctors and normal people just like you and me who suffer from the same problems. It has other advantages like natural antimicrobial agents and anti-aging properties! For me the most important thing for me is the fact that Skin MD is made with natural ingredients and it's not tested in animals!
For more information you can visit Skin MD Natural official website @, you can make your orders online worldwide or find it in the closest pharmacy or local store all over the US (store locator).

3 confessions:

Cynthia said...

I really hate you right now. :P

confessing7girl said...

Hi Cynthia!! :D yep im looking fabulous with my new lotion :P

Anonymous said...

I’m an artist and find that the oils and solvents I use are always drying my hands out and leaving them dry, cracked and sore. This product seems to be getting some good press and is worth checking out - Skin MD Natural in the UK. It uses a new advanced scientific proprietary formulation which, apparently, has a moisturizing factor 6 times greater than glycerin, the standard humectant (water absorber) against which all others are measured. It is a shielding lotion which bonds to the skin to keep the irritants out, moisture in and protects the skin in a way a normal moisturizer can’t. Well worth a look.