Friday, November 9, 2007

Maddie 129

I’m sure that if you live in this planet, you know about the little girl Madeline McCann that disappeared in Portugal six month ago on May 3rd, 2007. Maddie and the twins were home alone, while the parents were out for dinner with friends, when the 4 year old girl disappeared.
This is the first book related to this disappearance and it isn’t about opinions, it’s about facts, quotes, questions and for some reason it’s making Clarence Mitchell (McCann’s spokesman) nervous!
Maddie 129 comes out today in Portugal. Can’t wait to read it!

Authors: Hernâni Carvalho & Luís Maia

The case of the disappearance of Little Maddie instantly caught the attention of Portuguese and world public opinion. However, the common person has an enormous difficulty in understanding all the monstrous process of information and counter-information that immediately followed.
Hernâni Carvalho, who prefaced the book “Joana”, is considered to be the journalist with the best knowledge of the matter. He works for TVI and other periodicals.
In this book, he raises the tip of the veil and goes deep into the interpretation of the Maddie case. Starting from an exhaustive chronology of facts, he raises pertinent doubts, reveals facts unknown to the general public and points to compromising contradictions.
An important book for a better understanding of a case that passionate and divided public opinion and that continues to be, for the majority of people, a true enigma. Webboom

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I really hope this comes to Amazon. This sounds very interesting.