Sunday, November 4, 2007

Reese Witherspoon doesn't let her kids watch her movies!

There's some things you can tell looking at someone, Reese is just the sweetest girl but she is happy too and that shows off in the way that she deals with the media attention, her kids and life!
Mother of two Reese takes her kids, Deacon and Ava to the set of her movies but she doesn't like them to see herself on TV and doesn't let her kids see her movies.
“I wouldn’t want my kids to see me in anything at all! Every time my face comes on the TV I turn it off because I think it would be really strange to see their mother in a movie.” - Reese says.
About leaving LA: “For me to leave town I would have to be a really good movie. That’s why I like to live in Los Angeles because we have a great entertainment community here and people know what they’re doing.”

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