Monday, November 5, 2007

Warning!! Britney Spears Shops for Chandeliers!

Leaving the kids alone in the car with the monitor, Britney Spears couldn’t find a better time to go chandelier shopping. Yep a chandelier is a serious matter that couldn’t wait for the monitored little time Brit has to spend with the babies, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to end.
I don’t know how Britney will ever going to prove she can be a good mother. Not with this attitude for sure! Someone please shake her into reality!!

2 confessions:

Jolly Green Girl said...

WOW! She's a walking case of what not to do when you are a mother. I feel so bad for her children... I really hope she gets it together.. soon.. but I doubt it. What a trainwreck.

confessing7girl said...

yeah the poor children are always the big innocent victims when their parents dont do the right thing but britney is just a mess!! the poor kids cant pay for all her mistakes!!