Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend Gossip Links: Houses, Divorces & Boogers

Britney Spears Malibu Home!!! (Taylor's Entertainment News) With such a beautiful home why does Britney even need to get out?? Please Brit stay IN the house!!
The Hogans Are Getting A Divorce (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) I wouldn't have lasted that long with Hogan!
Cindy Crawford In Bikini On The Beach (Sweet Gossip) Cindy still looks great...

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Nicole Richie wants dog urinals on the street. (Geno's World) Finally one celebrity that cares about animal needs... :)
Amy Winehouse photographed with Sugar Boogers! (The Star Blogger) "He’s tried to make me go to rehab. I wont go, go, go..."
Heidi Klum Jewelry Line (Heidi Klum Fans) Love Heidi's designs... you can also get some ideas for Christmas gifts there ;)

2 confessions:

T.C. said...

I haven't heard of "Sugar Boogers" before. That's pretty funny!

confessing7girl said...

hhee i think its a drug booger!! heheh