Saturday, December 8, 2007

Weekend Gossip Links: Madonna, Body Doubles & Tattoos

Madonna's New Album To Be Called Licorice (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) I'm not too excited about this album but it's Madonna and she is always news!!
Blender Hires Body Double for Britney? (Backseat Cuddler) What Britney really needs is a brain double!!
Joel Madden is going to get his baby’s name tattooed over his heart!(The Star Blogger) How sweet... but Johnny Depp thought of it first! Depp has the name of his daughter Lily Rose over his heart.

Woody Harrelson And Owen Wilson Are One With Nature (Sweet Gossip) ...and i little gay-ish too!!
How many shows until your show is in reruns??? Find out here... (Taylor's Entertainment News) I think everybody hates the strike now...
Kiefer Sutherland starts his jail sentence (The Superficial) Just love the mugshot!!

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