Saturday, February 9, 2008

Katherine McPhee Reveals Wedding Photos & Secrets

Katherine McPhee married producer Nick Cokas, who is only 20 years her senior in February 2 in a beautiful ceremony at the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church and reception at St. Viviana’s in LA.
The singer’s wedding photos and exclusive interview were given to People Magazine, where Katherine reveals she couldn’t control her emotions: "I had been holding on to my dad, trying not to cry. Then the doors opened, and I was blown away."
After walking down an aisle flecked with pink and ivory rose petals – to the sounds of bagpipe music – McPhee and Cokas united at the altar to make it official. "I was so emotional," McPhee says. "And moved by the whole thing."
Fellow Idol contestant Kellie Pickler also attended the wedding as a bridesmaid and was stunned by beautiful ceremony, describing it as a fairy tale.
Finally at the reception, McPhee does what she does best – sings! After being serenaded by Cokas (he performed Billy Joel's "She's Got a Way"), she returned the favor with a rendition of "Unforgettable" by Natalie Cole.

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