Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday 7Confessions: Guess the Celebrity & Win $5 Worth of Entrecard Credits

1 YEAR!! (March 7th, 2007) We made it!! We are one year old against all odds. At first I started this blog as a way to express myself and with time it turned to a celebrity gossip site that gives me that opportunity… to express myself.
Late December I started a brand new blog in our own domain but I’m so deeply emotionally attached to this blog I just cannot leave it. So I have been trying to keep up with the 2. It’s hard work and we are looking for guest gossipers, if you are interested please contact me and we can discuss some conditions.
Back on track, it’s our first birthday here and we want to thank our most loyal readers cause you are the ones that keep us going, friends who I cherish more than anything else, my family … everyone in the blogworld, we learn a new thing every day.
I want to mention here a few important persons to me during this year, I can’t mention everyone so please forgive me: TaylorBlue and LisaQ for being my first loyal friends in the blogworld and teaching me a lot, Lemonade for my fabulous header designs and Les for making our 7ConfessionsGossip the hottest place online (don’t argue with me! It is!!).
Contest Time: Guess the Celebrity!!
This is our first contest ever!! All you have to do is tell me the celebrity that was stalking me on my most dark dream!! It’s easy the answer is somewhere in my 700 posts. :) All you have to do is tell me the name of the celebrity through my contact page, if you don’t use that contact page linked I can’t consider your entry in the contest.
We will be giving Entrecard credits, the hottest new place to advertise online. If you don’t have an Entrecard account to participate in this contest you will have to sign up for one here.
This contest will be open till Sunday night (March 9th) and the winner will be announced Monday morning (March 10th). All you have to do is give us the right answer, we don’t ask for links back to this blog or reviews or anything else!
Prizes will be given to the first 5 correct answers and will be distributed as follow: (winners will be contacted by email)
1st – 300 credits + [100 credits if you email with the correct answer the link to my stalking dream post]
2nd – 50 credits
3rd – 50 credits
4th – 50 credits
5th – 50 credits

Happy Birthday 7Confessions!!!!

Update!!!!!!!!!! We will be now offering $25 (transfer by paypal) in cash to someone that contacts us with the answer to the celebrity in question and the link to that specific post. The winner will be selected randomly through all the entries and will be pick up with the help of
With one email you will enter the two contests, $25 in cash and the Entrecard Credits contest. You can only enter the competition with one entry so don’t spam my email box or you can be eliminated from the contest.
Our entrecard competition stands with the same rules and prizes.
We have to special thank Brian at for sponsoring our birthday edition contest of Guess the Celebrity, the first of many we hope.
(Comments on this post are disabled so that someone more distracted can’t drop the answer in here.)

Guess the Celebrity & Win $25 in Cash – 1st Birthday Edition