Saturday, March 8, 2008

Natalie Portman Isn’t Just Smart & Sexy but Also Mushy!

Natalie Portman has been promoting her new movie, also starring Scarlett Johansson, all over the place and she made some revelations about her past and the country’s future Presidential Election.
Sexy cover girl Natalie does Marie Claire UK and Elle Magazine.
On her Harvard degree and intelligence: "I can be pretentious and talk about books for hours, but I’m not hyper-intellectual or anything. I mean, I like to read, but lots of people do. I’m not the hard, brainy girl at all. I’m really mushy. [Laughs.] I’m much more mush, I think, than anything else!"
On growing up in Jericho, Long Island: “[I was] different from the other kids: I was more ambitious. I knew what I liked and what I wanted, and I worked really hard to get it.”
On trying to hide her ambitious nature: "It's definitely complicated. I bury it a lot, which is a very common woman thing to do. They say women often preface their statements with “This might sound stupid, but…” It sort of tempers what you are going to say. It takes the edge off so you can still be seen as ladylike. I think I have a lot of that in me. I'm very nonconfrontational; I'm definitely a pleaser."

On Hilary for President of the USA: Last night, a friend, a social worker in L.A. who works with underprivileged kids, was saying how these girls who have never been interested in politics before are so excited that a woman might be president. I mean, look how many women are in government…Hillary’s one of, what, [a handful of] female senators?… I also like Obama. I even like McCain. I disagree with his war stance—which is a really big deal—but I think he’s a very moral person. I met him and Hillary on the same day, actually, when I went to Washington with Finca [a nonprofit that gives loans to businesswomen in developing countries]. Hillary was by far the smartest person I met that day. Just totally focused, and knew more about the issues than anyone else, and was so able to go from one thing to the other.”

2 confessions:

Anonymous said...

Yak! This girl is always so calculated she gives me nausea. She's not pretentious for liking to talk about books, she's pretentious for making such a case for being anti-intellectual!

Girl talks out of both sides of her mouth. A pleaser? So long as the calculations work out to get her what SHE wants. Phoney and sad.

Why go to Harvard to study if you are going to make statements about being 'mostly mush and 'not the hard brainy girl'? SRSLY. Either way, I do not watch her movies. She annoys me. She is to slippery and calculated. She is neither honest nor real.

Anonymous said...

Talks out both sides of her mouth! That is so great. I totally agree...there are no genuine articles in Hollywood. She's transparent just like her BFFFF "Scar-Jo!"