Saturday, March 1, 2008

Weekend Gossip Links: Stinking Mess Up Hot Role Models

Miranda Kerr Thinks Orlando Bloom Stinks! (Anything Hollywood) OMG, Orlando stinks?? OMG no way, he is soo gorgeous!! I could give him a bath sometimes!!! :P
Renee Zellwegger Must've Gotten The Message (LayDdee's Eyes on Entertainment) Finally a haircut that is gorgeous on Renee, too bad it's a wig!! :)
The Hills Has A New Addition! (TEN) The most talented addiction to The Hills ever... a dog!! :D

Hulk Hogan Had An Affair With Daughter Brooke's BFF? (All About Nobodies) Hogan is a bad bad boy!! Just naughty and gross!!!
Prison Junking, Boob Showing, Jake Lovers! (DailyContempt) More Amy and Blake drama, always with a nice dose of crack!! :)
Jessica Alba talks about being branded a slut! (Geno's World) Much be so hard growing up being gorgeous and a slut!! Oh and a latina!!

Rihanna At Swarovski Party (Sweet Gossip) Just beautiful... relationship with Chris is making Rihanna glow!!
Mary-Kate’s Studded Sleeves (JJ) What the hell is MK thinking?? That looks horrible, can someone arrest her for bad taste!!
Sexy Camila Alves Does ELLE Magazine (7ConfessionsGossip) Matthew got really lucky!! His baby's momma is one sexy vixen!!

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