Tuesday, May 20, 2008

John Mayer Is An Idiot & Lovin’ It

John Mayer got his hands on a very special BlackBerry Bold since it’s not even in the market yet. Of course he had to blog about it, brag about it and write in a language that not many people can actually understand.

Hi. My name is John. I like cool stuff, early. Is that so wrong?
Isn't it funny how there are no more "geeks" in the world?
Remember the distinction?
Now everyone is a geek. So the word is dead.
Maybe that's where "douche" was born.
The human need to separate and demean.
Who knows.
At any rate,
It has blazing fast 3G and twice the screen resolution, and the fonts look like something out of the New York Times.
Which makes "WHERE R U" read as if it were an op/ed.
John Mayer Official Blog
Here we go again, insane blogging… I wonder when John will start dissing on his relationship with super hot A-list actress Jennifer Aniston. He sure loves all the attention and being called a douche!!

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