Sunday, March 11, 2007

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It's so sad to see the once bright shinning star reach the bottom like and out of rehab Britney Spears seriously needs help...shaving her head is just another cry for help. No one can really judge her after marrying someone like K-Fed, he would turn insane any woman in the world, that guy is Trouble. But like any other woman in love, Britney must have been totally blind to any word of's gonna be hard to make a musical comeback, but there's a lot of people wanting to help her, like ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and his favourite producer Timberland.

In spite of all the heat about her career take off (or not), what i wonder is the kids, with a mom and dad like that how are they going to take it, i see a lot of therapy in the future for them and even if they are rich money can't buy it all.

Beckham goes Hollywood!!!

Yeah it's true the Beckham's are going to Hollywood since David currently playing in Real Madrid just sign a million dollar contract with the LA Galaxy soccer team. So he and former Spice Girl Victoria and their 3 boys are all invading the USA looking for fame and glory, on their way to finally conquer some American fans. I can understand their hunger to make it big in the USA but come on...Americans don't give a damn about soccer... Americans are more interested in golf than soccer (GO GO Tiger Woods)!!!What's even more surprising is the rumours about a reality show about the MovingBeckham's...guess they are much more interested in making movies, commercials and appearing in public than anything else. Anyway, David's debut in the Galaxy is supposed to happen against Mourinho's Chelsea (let's hope Mourinho is still the main coach then!) in an exhibition tournament "World Series of Football". I'm just too curious to know what will happen after Beckham's arrival, will Americans change their way of seeing soccer??Will he get into the movie business and who knows win an Oscar?? :D
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Congratulations Omar!!!

Omar Epps does a fantastic job playing Eric Foreman, a dedicated professional with no social life Doctor in the fantastic drama series on Fox House. At the 38th annual NAACP Image Awards it was recognized he's amazing performance with an award for best supporting actor in a drama series. Keep up the good work!

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