Friday, April 20, 2007

Heroes Spoof

The NBC hit show Heroes is making fans worldwide...but i just found out that it's gonna be Zeroes saving our world!!

4 confessions:

Rajeev said...

I haven heard of this!!
but wud like ta know.
wht is it bout anyway?

Peace & Love

confessing7girl said...

well heroes is a tv show about people with super power...would they do the right thing or not with that??!! want to know more about it go to the official site here:

*my favourite characters are the regenerating cheerleader and the indian scientist!!

soul&body said...

waw!!! i want to watch that!!!!:D i loved that footwriter and the smotach dance :P

confessing7girl said...

@soul&body: a serie heroes come├žou sabado passado na tvi depois do jornal das 13h!! ;)