Friday, April 20, 2007

Being Single

If i'm single doesn't mean i'm desperate!! It's the opposite...i'm thinking about myself more, i have more time to do things i want to, i can appreciate my independence and i even feel more confident about myself.
Now it's just so hard to find the perfect guy, i know i can't sit here waiting for him to fall on my, i'm looking but there's no pressure, i'm not trying to rush into anything. We all know where rushing gets us, bad choices that ultimately end as fast as it begun and asking myself "what was i thinking?!!".
On the other hand there's pressure from family to get your own life, start a family...i think they are crazy i'm way too young!! Of course i want family but i'm only 22, i want to end my studies live a little and have fun, i want to do anything that i might have missed cause i was always way too busy!
So to every single girl out there...Enjoy!!

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Aditi said...

yea, i agree with u. being single has lot of advantages, family matters can be decided only when you are self sufficient and you feel you are mature enough to handle that all..

Rajeev said...

Don't worry, Take ur time, find a good Man!
and hey did i tell u that I am still SINGLE :D

Peace & Love

confessing7girl said...

thanx for ur support!!!!!:)

Tathiana Sobroza said...

Hi! :o)

Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm single too, 25 years old and you know what? I am happy.

You're right. No pressure, you'll find a cool guy before you imagine.

Nice concept of your blog. I'd have a thousand confessions. (lol)

Peace out!

Jewel Rays said...


***We all know where rushing gets us, bad choices that ultimately end as fast as it begun

Exactly. U said it right.


Shruti Dasgupta said...