Monday, April 30, 2007


If you don't know what PostSecret is...what kinda of blogger are you??
Every Sunday you can find secrets from regular people, just like you and me, who tell you their darkest secrets anonymously...sometimes when i read it i feel like I'm not alone...I'm not the only one to feel certain things!!
The compiler of all these secrets is Frank Warren and you can find the PostSecret books on Amazon!
If you are not familiar with it...go ahead take a'll be surprised!!

8 confessions:

Anonymous said...

I dont know what PostSecret is, but I will now....thanks


Rajeev said...

I didnt know bout this!

Peace & Love

confessing7girl said...

oopsss i guess i thought it was more of common knowledge...guess i was wrong!! anyway it's a great blog...:) sorry !!!!!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

So tell us you post your secrets on PostSecret?? :)

Jewel Rays said...

I first heard about it on lemonade's blog and i have to say really impressive and beautiful stuff.


confessing7girl said...

@LeRoy: i never did...but its something to think about...i wouldnt know what secret to tell...:D:D;)

@Jewel:in there u can find some really shocking secrets...

Aditi said...

i too didn't know about it.. I'll surely go thru it..

Shruti Dasgupta said...

Thanks for visiting my blog.

I have thinking of buying the post-secret book for a while. My friend has it, and I absolutely love it. :)