Wednesday, April 25, 2007

POTC Countdown!!!

30 days to go...

5 confessions:

Keshi said...

Love Depp.


soul&body said...

lol! its almost!! =P
no that pic in my blog is not in portugal, but somewhere else in america :D
thanks for dropping in my blog ****

Smartalec said...

Hope this part is way better than its prequeal... it was disappointing!

Rajeev said...

YAY!! Depp is back again!

Peace & Love

confessing7girl said...

@smartalec: well i hv to confess that the 2nd movie was a little bit disappointing...but i think that's cause they were trying to connect it with the betting this is the best movie of the 3 (despite the 1st one being pretty good)!!

@rajeev and keshi: we all love depp!!!!!:D:D:D

@soul&body: it could hv been portugal we hv amazing views in here too!!:D