Tuesday, May 15, 2007

For my 100th post...

...100 things about me...
1. I'm 22 years old
2. I live in Lisbon, Portugal
3. I have no brothers or sisters, but i wish i had
4. My parents are from a little island called Madeira
5. I'm single and NOT looking!!
6. One year more to finish my masters degree in genetics
7. I have really really curly hair
8. Brown eyes
9. Right handed
10. I love movies!! i can watch it all day long!!
11. I should lose a little weight!
12. I've been using glasses for a year now
13. I'm sensible to light and i never go out without my sunglasses!
14. I have a dog, it's a she (everyone in my family has dogs!)
15. I can't live without a coup of coffee after lunch!!
16. Drive a 10 years old red car!
17. Stubborn
18. I'm a really good friend!!
19. Love music...all types...they just have to be good!!
20. Can't live without my computer! :)
21. Favorite colour: Blue
22. I have a big collection of shoes and bags!!
23. Love long necklaces
24. I fall asleep with my TV on...
25. 2 serious boyfriends and a few friends with benefits...
26. I'm not a virgin!!
27. My best friend is like 10 years older than me!!
28. Usually date older guys too!!
29. I love to gossip with my friends!
30. I'm always there for my friends, i expect the same from them...i get disappointed
31. Secret: love ice cream!!(who doesn't?)
32. I'm a big soccer fan (i live in Portugal!!)
33. My team is SL Benfica!!
34. Favorite players on Benfica: Simão Sabrosa, Rui Costa, Miccoli
35. Love Tennis too
36. I don't like to run!!
37. I'm stressed all the time!!!!!
38. Favorite actors: Johnny Depp :D, Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Orlando Bloom, Marlon Brando...to name a few
39. Favorite actresses: Jody Foster, Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock...
40. Favorite Movie: The Silence Of The Lambs
41. Last movie i saw: Fracture with Anthony Hopkins!!
42. TV shows i'm into: CSI, House, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives...
43. Favorite TV show of all time: The X-Files
44. I'm a little shy!! :)
45. On my last vacation I went to Alentejo, Algarve and Spain!!!
46. My next will be New York!! I hope!!!!!OK, maybe only next year!!
47. Last out of my mind experience: buying Hello Kitty bag and necklace!!
48. You can choose friends but not family!!
49. What i like in a guy???
50. Honesty
51. Dark skin (i like exotic things OK?)
52. Nice Abs
53. Beautiful eyes and smile...
54. Strong arms
55. Tattoos
56. Deep husky voice :)
57. Whispers in my ear...
58. anyway...smart
59. knows what he wants!!
60. Bad Boy
61. Good listener
62. What i don't like in a guy??
63. Smelly
64. Liar
65. Player
66. If he smokes
67. Laziness
68. More about me??
69. Don't smoke
70. Occasionally drink with friends
71. Love to dance!!
72. Tried weed once!
73. OOH i was born on November 30th, 1984!!
74. I hate Mondays and Sundays!!
75. and love Fridays!
76. I love black cats!!
77. 7 is a mystic lucky number...
78. I'm not superstitious and i don't believe in signs!:)
79. I enjoy a long shower with some music!!
80. I miss a romantic dinner by candlelight!
81. I dream a lot...
82. most of the time i don't remember about what, except it felt good or bad!!
83. Hate doing my bed every morning!!!
84. Cause i hate routine!! i do it anyway!!
85. I love tea, specially morocco tea!!
86. i'm more of a night person...
87. love the dark...
88. naturally i go to bed late!!!!
89. This blog started on March 7th!!
90. No, i didn't choose the date!! it just happened!!
91. Now i'm totally addicted to blogging!!
92. I already made a lot of friends...
93. initially i thought people would be mean...
94. but hey all of you have been so friendly to me!
95. So THANK YOU!!
96. Please if you come to my blog leave me some comments!
97. Good or bad, comments are always welcome and i love to hear different points of view!
98. I will continue blogging for a loooooong time!!
100. I can't believe someone read it all.....:)

35 confessions:

zewt said...

yes, i read it all. now i certainly know more about you.

i reckon you're a fan of cristiano ronaldo too? i am a MU fan :)

but wait... i know benfica is a great rival with sporting lisbon... so i guess not eh?


Rajeev said...

PHEW!! That's it!?
FAv muvee Silence Of the lambs!! WOW!!
same here :D just luv it! wonderful muvee.

hey write "I'm NOT a virgin" In block letters!! :D

U like badboys!? :|
U say u like badboys but hate smokers!
How is that possible!! A bad boy shud Smoke B-)

and hey! I read it all :D

peace & love

Protegeoflife said...

wow loevly written and welll put in

confessing7girl said...

Zewt:of course i love C. Ronaldo!! he is just the best player in the world right now!! we r rivals with sporting but that doesnt mean i dont like their players or former players!!:D thanxxxxxx for surviving my 100th!

@Rajeev:i said i dont like smokers doesnt mean i cant stand it!!!!! :D means i prefer non-smokers and i know some bad guys that dont smoke...

@protegeolife:thanxxxxxxx !!! glad u got to know me a little better!!

RennyBA said...

Happy 100 post anniversary and good to know you even better:-)

steve said...

Congrats on your 100th post! Wow, it was a long one wasn't it?

I think the general consensus is, you like your blog....

One question though: how will you follow this special post?

Great idea and keep up the fun stuff!


confessing7girl said...

@rennyba:thank u!!!:)

@steve:thanx, and what do u mean with follow?? my next landmark will be my 1000 post!!! hehe

sweetheart said...

hey! i ran outof o2 out of my lungs reading 100 things abt you babes! n lemme tell you like you i am a great movie freak..you can check out my reviews ..me to looking fwd to watch pirates of carribean with all kajal and lipstick smudged Johnny Depp!
keep bloggin ! enjoy!

Ann Clemmons said...

I love "single and not looking!"

That's great- Great blog!

I'll keep stopping by-

Ann Clemmons


Anonymous said...

hay my portugal friend...so much to know about you....good stuff

LeRoy Dissing said...

Read it all....and of course I have a million questions (well maybe more or less) for you! But I want to thank you for sharing as much as you have about you. Looking forward to learning more in time. Nice job!

lemonade said...

he he..nice one...!!

shit u realize that u actually learn alot about people from 100 things posts..!!
I had absolutely no clue that u were Portuguese or that u were 22..!!

spiderman! said...

Interesting post. I am impressed seriously by your own patience at reaching up to 100 !

confessing7girl said...

@sweetheart:thanx for ur patience to read it all and welcome to my blog!! i checked urs and i wish u all the best on ur new blog!!!

@Ann Clemmons: Welcome!! thanx for commenting!! great work u r doing on ur blog too!!

@Yazmar:thanxxxxx girll...i hope u know me a little better!!

@LeRoy:u can always ask!! im here to answer ...if i can!! :Dhehe

@Lemonade:we r always learning things about each other!!:)

@spiderman!:hey welcome and keep on visiting mr.spider!!;)

Writer on Board said...

Happy 100 posts. You certainly bring a sense of joy to blogging. It's refreshing. And fun. Good night you 22-year-old-Portugese-Pop-Culture-Junkie.

confessing7girl said...

@writer on board: thanxxxxx...thats cause i enjoy blogging !! love it when u call me a pop culture junkie...makes me feel special....like a junkie lol

CM-Chap said...

I wonder hw much time u hv put in for this post..Amazing

vrinda said...

hey really cool post...i once did write somethin on these lines in my diary...my negetive and positive qualities more like. i guess i'll dig them up and c ifd i've changed. i only remember tht the negetives ran to about 6 pages and the positives ran up to a measly half page in my diary...

nice post again. interseting read...ciao

confessing7girl said...

@cm-chap: thanx for making some time to get to know me a little better!! and yeaaaaaa this post gave me a lot of work!! but i had tooo much fun doing it too!!:)

@vrinda:hey thanx for coming by and commmenting...dont be so negative about urself!! i bet u hv much more qualities than that!! if i was to describe myself in good and positive...i think i would find more bad things to say!!

zewt said...

yeah... and i hope he will win the FA this saturday!! you're my first portugal friend. oh, how can you not smoke but tried weed once?

confessing7girl said...

@zewt:well a portuguese will win anyway...so im just glad we hv good professional soccer players and coachs!! OH i tried smoking too but thats just once!! i dont like it and i never did it again!! nothing wrong with a little experience?? :D

Ranjit said...

I heard about Madeira before...
wait...I guess Roman Abramovich has a house there...LOL..

And...boy..you must have some patience to write 100 things about you..:p...
Oh yeah!!..I read it all..

confessing7girl said...

@Ranjith: no it was fun believe me!!! :D thanx for visiting me!! dont be a stranger!!

The Island Girl: said...

hey nice blog..and a nice post..
must say i cud relate to many things in this list...

confessing7girl said...

@the island girl:glad u came by...u r welcome please dont be a stranger!

Satibo said...

It is a very good way to know a blog! I'll try to do it when i get my 100th post, now i'm in the 36th i think so i have a loooot of time to think about it :D

SJ said...

I have to say you have some very endearing qualities... not saying which ones though.

confessing7girl said...

@satibo:hey nice welcome to bolivia!! thank u for ur comment and keep on visiting me!

@sj: humm endearing qualities ...now u made me wonder!! say!!! :D

thanx everyone to surviving this 100 reading and ur comments, next list on my 1000 post!! ah ah just kiding!!

zewt said...

nothign wrong at all... sigh.. portuguese won... maurinho... sigh...

hmm... your number 25 is interesting...

confessing7girl said...

@zewt: hey dont be so sad man utd won the league!!!!!:D i little bit for both!!

zewt said...

a little bit for both? hmmm... friends with benefits...

Kaligula Andy said...

I'm looking forward to your 1000 anniversary. There should be quite a blog ;)

I also love black cats and Fridays and I have no idea when I started my perverted blog.


confessing7girl said...

@kaligula andy: hi thanx for visiting me please dont be a stranger!! :D

Susie said...

lol.. I got tickled by reading that... it has YOU written all over it. :) You are such a star and joy to everyone.. especially me. I love reading your blog and you are so unafraid to be girly and whimsical... 7 is my favorite number too and my life number as well as my soul number. so we have that in common.

confessing7girl said...

@susie: thank u girl for ur sweet words!! u see we love this 100 posts thing cause we wanna know people better and find something to identify ourselves with!! :D