Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I've been tagged again!!! This tag is part of a link exchange, but with content, not just another pointless list of links! So, the lovely Mayenskie from Blog to Profit put me on this train...the rules are:
1. The person who was tagged will just have to make an introduction and link back to who tagged you.
2. List your five reasons as to why you blog.
3. Choose five people and tag them.
4. Drop a comment on their blog to let them know they were tagged. And its done!

5 Reasons: Why i blog??
1. It's a way to express myself, my likes, my dislikes, when i want to express my feelings and i don't have the guts to say it out loud!! Blogging is like therapy!!
2. Making friends...since joining the blogging community I've met so many beautiful wonderful people, i find out that I'm not alone on some feelings, I'm not the only one who's a little lost!!
3. FUN...i have a lot of fun looking through other people's blogs...oh I'm totally addicted to blogs!! Thank you everyone for writing such interesting posts!!
4. To make a little money...underline little!!! This adsense thing isn't doing anything to my bank account...but since i love to blog why not? If some cents may come my way?
5. I love when people comment on my posts, i love sharing ideas, i love that someone likes what i write in here!! I LOVE BLOGGING!!

People to tag: 1. LeRoy-Lee's Blog; 2. Marjie-The Cure for Silence; 3. Steve-Cymru66; 4. Katie M.-Guilt in Black Panties; 5. Rajeev-Infinite Dreams.
For those i didn't tag and want to join in the train feel free to feel tagged!!:)

8 confessions:

mayenskie said...

hi gurl, thanks for tagging back. Yep, at first i made my blog to make money but now that i am having fun meeting new people and reading interesting blogs im having fun. =)

steve said...

I'm in:


Never been tagged before...so, thanks (I think!)


Rajeev said...

NO!! not again!
another tag!?
I will do it after 2 days!
is it ok!?

zewt said...

hey girl... you're not malaysian... are you?

Marjie said...

hey girl...thanks for the tag! give me a few weeks to work on this and finish the few tags lined up (I know....I'm really bad at getting them all done) and I'll post it ASAP!
Thanks again!

RennyBA said...

I'm here from your comment at 'Blog Community Mass Buzz Participants' and glad I came by as you really have a great blog!
I do agree a lot with you in your reasons for blogging as I love sharing ideas, culture, traditions and habits from Norway and of course to learn from others like you:-)

confessing7girl said...

@mayenskie:yeaaa this blog world is getting me addicted!!

@Steve: heyyyyyy u r welcome!!!:D

@Rajeev:ok!! dont make that face!! i never tagged u before!! :(

@marjie:ok girl!! on ur own time!!

@rennyba:my 1st reader from norway!!! yeahhh!!!!!! WELCOME!! thanx for ur comment and u hv a great blog too!! love those photos!! and ill be watching ur blog for more norway culture!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Well I have never been tagged before so thank you! Does that mean I am "it"?? lol So guess I need to find others to tag too. Thanks much confessing7girl :)