Sunday, May 6, 2007

I cry...

I cry, movies make me cry, emotional centered scenes make me weak, i cannot control the tears. I can always find something that i can relate to and I cry, why do I do that? Isn't my life enough to cry for? Yes it is, we all have our own problems to deal with, but I continue to live the character's life...where all the endings are happy and you always make every dream come true.
You (you know who! Yes you!) made me cry, you won't make me cry again, you hurt me more than i could stand.Why do guys hurt us like that? Don't they get hurt too?? Or they don't care? No, love must hurt as much for them. Now i just don't care, i cry for lack of love instead!!
However i laugh(ed) as much as i cry(ied)!!

14 confessions:

LeRoy Dissing said...

Hope you are okay confessing7girl. Sounds like someone special has not reciprocated his honest feelings. Wish I could help!

`NEFTY said...

I'm only in tears if it's a really sweet love scene hahaha. Oh && don't worry, tears almost came down my face when Tango dumped New York!

Rajeev said...

is everythin alrite wid ya?!
and btw not all guys are like that!
only a few Dumb MFs do that!!
tk cr

peace & love

Protegeoflife said...

well join the gang i too cry very often neways good blog

confessing7girl said...

@LeRoy: im very ok now!but i hope he is miserable and i hope he reads this!! :D

@'Nefty: well i cry with everything!!i wish i could control myself a little better!

Rajeev:im ok!!!i know guys arent always like that...i was making a drama out of it!!im a girl i love to do that!! :D

protegeoflife: :) thanx for visiting and for ur comment!!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Glad you are okay confessing7girl. Let us "big brothers" help you out whenever we can :)

soul&body said...

taum...k e isso...
sim chora, porque chorar alivia a nossa alma. Espero que estejas bem.
Um abra├žo

soul&body said...

foi daki k saquei e nao comprei=P
nunca compraria um template!!!

Shruti said...

Me same...Movies makes me cry, and we relate with the character with so much that we cant stop ourselves..
Take care...

nikhil said...

i have never cried watching a movie..just felt plain bad...but never cried, I wonder why? Guys get hurt too after a relationship ends, we are just better at hiding our pain.

confessing7girl said...

@LeRoy:thank u!!!!! but im alright!!
@soul&body:no no im ok!! i just wanted to make a statement again!!hoping the guy will get it!!;) ah bigada pelo link!!
@shruti:exactly i love movies just so that i can cry some more!!:)
nikhil:maybe u can separate it from ur reality...yeah i guess u guys hide all of ur feelings way way better than girls!!

Jewel Rays said...

Hey lady,

Its nice to see you open up on ya blog. :) I hope things are better now.


zakman said...

hey girl,

Crying is a form of liberation, didn't you know that. It's freedom from within.

Tears rolling down the cheeks are only a symptom of bottled up feelings. The kind of feelings one never dares expose - not even to oneself - not even in the bathroom when one is alone.

That is the nature of the cosmetic world we live in. Everything is superficial, commercial, one does everything to impress someone and that someone is doing the same.

We don't dare show that we're upset over something for fear of being ridiculed. Some of us will buy things we don't like, but because someone else likes it.

These small acts and their effects on you never go away. Remember the first law of thermodynamics? "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed."

The bottled up feelings in you will eventually find their way out. That is the law of Nature. True, you feel the hurt and the pain. And the loneliness and the hollow feeling in the stomach.

I'm not trying to say you must enjoy the tears. I'm only trying to see if you can find out what happens after you've had a good cry. It's not for me to tell you. Only you can feel it.

I'm a guy. I'm not supposed to cry. I think most guys actually don't cry. Crying is pain, and when guys don't cry, they do other things to inflict pain upon themselves. They want the pain; that's their liberation from hurt.

You're the confession girl. So let me make a confession too. I don't watch movies with other people. Cause I always cry at the ending.

confessing7girl said...

@Jewel Rays: well thanx and its not easy for me!!

@Zakman: WElcome!!freedom from within...what a good way to describe tears! and as u put it in a superficial world the most honest form of expression must (it has to) be tears!! humm...i have to say that for a guy u seem pretty sensitive for these painful matters!! which is great!!! and thanxx for sharing!!! i think men cry too , they just dont like others to see it!! like u confessed urself ... thanxxxxx