Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Johnny Depp Dreams!!

I was just about to go to sleep when i came across this brand new hot Rolling Stone cover photo!! That funny looking guy next to Johnny is Keith Richards... remember he was a source of inspiration for the Jack Sparrow character played by Mr. Depp in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies!!
And there's more...Keith will play Captain Sparrow's father "At World's End"...oooooh they look so cute!!!!! :D

Source: Just Jared

7 confessions:

Rajeev said...

Wow!! i didnt know that he was the inspiration behind that character!!
I've always been a fan of the stones. i luv them! :)

peace & love

SJ said...

Are you implying they look cute together ;) Just kidding.

confessing7girl said...

@Rajeev:he was the inspiration!!!who else?? keith is just the crazy guy!!!!!!

@SJ: ah ah funny!!!!! of course they dont look cute together!!!! but they R cute!!

Drama Div@ said...

Damn, did you look at his eyes?

confessing7girl said...

@drama div@: oh yeahhhhhhhh...hummmmm *dreaming*

`NEFTY said...

Giiiiirl, I don't even know what to say:]]]]

Pankaj Gupta said...

johnny umm really crazy..