Saturday, May 19, 2007

OK been Tagged again!!

I just couldn't resist this tag by Annie from Cooking with Anne and Taylor Blue, BlogCatalog friends but please no more tags!!After my 100th post this is going to be a real difficult tag!!:) Rules are:
* Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

1. Sometimes i feel soo lazy i wanna be in bed all day!
2. My room is a total mess right now and i should be doing laundry (i will right after this post)!
3. I'm way too independent and i hate people giving me what they think it's good advice without me asking! If the advices were good they would be selling it!! :)
4. I love teddy bears...
5. The 1st thing i do when i get home is put my slippers on!! :D
6. When i'm watching soccer on TV a make popcorn!!!:) But if it was a movie and i was watching it alone i wouldn't!
7. Every time i watch Ghost whisperer i cry!! How sad is that?!
8. I have a secret crush on my Postman!! :D hehe ;)

People i tag:
The Island Girl
Samara Leigh

24 confessions:

SJ said...

1. Me too
2. OK good luck with that . lol.
3. Same here
4. I am a teddy bear right? lol.
5. In winter I do too.
6. Huh. OK.
7. Never seen it.
8. Well at least sending love letters would be easy. Damn I should have become a postman ... my mom works in the postal dept.

confessing7girl said...


LeRoy Dissing said...

My brother works for the postal department too, just not in Portugal. Those postman get huge exposure!!!

SJ said...

Aye aye mam. *Salutes smartly*

You can see the tag at my main blog.

soul&body said...

eu ainda n percebi isso das tags!!! mas gostei de ler as 100 coisas sobre ti!!!
you blog addicted!!!
eu ja ando nisto a 3 anitos lol!!

steve said...

wow, you got your post up quick! i still need to do mine....ahhhhh.

Good luck with it!


`NEFTY said...

Yay me:]]

LeRoy Dissing said...

What I want to know confessing7girl is what is beside your bed - either on your bedstand on the floor? That probably will tell me more about you than anything else :))

Taylor_Blue said...

I'm sorry but I didn't read your post before I did this....LOL I will understand if you don't do it.... Steve got me this morning!!

Check out the rules(this one is actually not hard) at

Have a good day!

confessing7girl said...

@Leroy: yea i believe postmen hv some advantages...mostly cause they look a lot cuter if u just hv to see them for a feww minutes everyday!! :Dhehe me bad!!

@SJ:now that was fast!! ur poor jeans!! :D

@soul&body:3anos é mto pá!! as tags é axim se alguem te taga tens de responder e dps tens de tagar outras pexoas com blogs!! hehe

@steve:just takes a little to post it!! im a fast typer anyway!! hehe:P

@'Nefty:yeahh girl!! UUU!!

@Leroy AGAIN:bedstand: a few photos of family, my universal remote control, my alarm clock and a feww dropped jewelry!!on the floor i hv my dog sleeping most of the time!!:D ah guess i just disclosed a little bit more about me!!

@tailor_blue:going to check it!!

Taylor_Blue said...

Thanks girl...Looks like you have been really busy today...!!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Thanks confessing7girl for responding. I thought there might be magazines or books by your bed but then the universal remote might be telling me that tv watching is mostly what you do when in bed :)

confessing7girl said...

@taylor_blue: real busy but got everything done so im happy!! hehe

@LeRoy: yeah mags and books r in the living room!! just cause it has better light!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

One last thing confessing7girl...we are all dying to know what you keep in that nightstand! LOL

confessing7girl said...

@Leroy:by nightstand u mean drawers??

zewt said...

hmmm.. good that you didnt tag me...

confessing7girl said...

@zewt: i know u dont like it!! so im a good girl !!!

Rajeev said...

Secret Crush on postman!!??!
Why dont tell him then ;)

peace & love

confessing7girl said...

@Rajeev: if i told him it wouldnt be secret anymore...and i would def loose interest in him!! secret gives u a certain rush!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Yes...was curious what you kept in the drawers of your nightstand :)

curryegg said...

Hello confessing7girl. Miss your blogs here. And hey! You tag me? thx. I'll blog it soon. Thx.. :D

confessing7girl said...

@Leroy:well mr curious!! in my top drawer i hv lots of trash!! like gums, make up, bandaids,hair clips, nail polish lots and lots of stuff!! bottom ones r for underwear and lingerie!!! hehe;)

@curryegg: missed u in the blogworld too!! nice to hv u back!!

Jewel Rays said...

hehe muz be a cute post man:P

Interesting tag.


confessing7girl said...

@jewel: hey girl ...theres something about him yeahh he is just soooooo adorable!! realy nice and friendly with a great back view! me bad!!