Saturday, May 19, 2007

Friday's Top 3 Sexiest

For delight of our tired end of the week eyes i made this little selection of what's sexy!?! Men and Women since i have a lot of female and male visitors ;)! So for everyone's happiness...

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Top 3 Men
1. Johnny Depp

2. Taye Diggs

3. Brad Pitt

Top 3 Women

1. Angelina Jolie

2. Halle Berry

3. Jessica Alba

I know i left a lot of sexy people out but this is just a top 3... not official just my choice... so who would be in your top 3??

18 confessions:

Andrew The Asshole said...

great minds do think alike I just posted something similar today.

1. David Beckman 2. Will Smith 3. Brad Pitt

1. Selma Hyack 2. Catherine Zeta Jones 3. Kelly Hu

Rajeev said...

top 3 women shud be
Scarlett Johansson
Laetitia Casta
Salma Hayek!!

peace & love

The Island Girl: said...

oh Johnny Depp n Brad Pitt for sure...

thnx for ur visit..i hav linked u..

`NEFTY said...

Hahahahaha, of course JD is 1st on your list:]]

confessing7girl said...

@andrew the asshole: great choices too!!! good taste ;)

@Rajeev:i would hv to agree except for Laeticia!!

@island girl:u r one of my girls!!!!! :D

@'nefty: u know me too well :P of courseeeeeeee

zakman said...

Top 3 women should be:

1. Kate Beckinsale
2. Kate Beckinsale
3. Kate Beckinsale

Reg the men, how come my photo is not there?

confessing7girl said...

@zakman: its good to see that im not the only one with an obssession...mine is johnny!! humm bout ur photo i guess i could try and make a hotmaleblogger contest!! :P

Taylor_Blue said...

OMG what a good post...I don't like Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt...but Taye Diggs is really hot!!! I think I would put like Jensen Ackles on the top and then like Ryan Gosling...LOL

Taylor_Blue said...

No I haven't seen anything recent from him...I'm going to have to do a post about him tomorrow now...oh yeah I forgot Jake Gyenthaall...OMG the pic on my entertainment blog makes me drool..

I really hate Halle Berry I don't know why but I do...!!

confessing7girl said...

@taylor_blue: yea yea leave johnny and brad for me!! :P OMG yeaaaaa ryan is gorgeous and he is just tooo HOT on his new movie!!

Taylor_Blue said...

Well I put a new thing on my blog about before they were stars and I put Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt in there just for you!!!

Jolly Green Girl said...

You have good taste Confessing7Girl... although I think James McAvoy should have made the list. I put you in my tech fav.

confessing7girl said...

@taylor_blue:thanxxxxx ive seen it and commented it!!

@jolly green girl: thanx girl and u hv a good taste too!! ;)

Ranjith said...

My top 3 women would have be

Jessica Alba,
Vida Guerra,
Anjelina Jolie

It's actually quite difficult to name a TOP 3..LOL..

Success Online said...

Too hard to pick the 3 top women.

confessing7girl said...

@success online:i agree too hard to pick the men for me too...for that day that were my choices!

marda said...

mmm, you got taste putting angelina first. nevermind the rest. she's the bomb!

confessing7girl said...

@marda: yeah i know i really think shes beautiful!!who doesnt!!