Friday, May 11, 2007

To My Alarm Clock

If you hate your alarm clock just as much as i do, this is dedicated to you...

To My Alarm Clock
Every morning I lie there innocently sleeping
When the peace is ruptured by a horrible beeping.
My serenity ripped asunder, sudden and drastic
By this evil, demonic, red-eyed piece of plastic.
I roll over in pain and pound on the snooze,
Groaning, moaning, thinking 'What's there to lose?''
Don't make me get up, just nine minutes more.
'The same thing I've said every morning before.
It's not that I hate mornings or dread the new day.
It's just that I loathe waking up in this way.
I'd much rather simply rise up with the light,
Glowing in the window, chasing away the night.
But the sudden screaming, the incessant fuss,
Makes me want to yell and cry and simply to cuss.
Especially the knowledge that all of my sorrow
Will be repeated the same time, same way, tomorrow.
by Amy Baker

14 confessions:

LeRoy Dissing said...

My body is so tuned to wake up in the morning that I don't need an alarm clock much. I do use my cell phone as an alarm clock all the time just in case. Seems as when it goes off, it usually means I didn't get enough sleep. But I am guessing I get more sleep then you do confessing7girl :)

Patricia Puentes Gonzalez said...

I once overheard this conversation on the subway: a guy was telling his friend that the worst moments of his days were the first ones in the morning, when he was going from the bed to the shower. Dark thoughts happen when you are living that sleepy moments…

`NEFTY said...

That was nice. Loved it:]

Rajeev said...

ish nice :D
hehehe!! I dont use alarm clocks at all!! My mom only wakes me up eveyday!! :((

peace & love

Writer on Board said...

I know the feeling. I caught typo in your header, Pop Junkie: "Critic [critique]."

zewt said...

hahaha.... i use my phone as my alarm clock and i purposely put it far far away.... so by the time i walk there to snooze it... i am already awake...

and yeah, it repeats every day.

Katie M. said...

I also use my phone as my alone clock but I hit the snooze button as often as I can. I'm always late for work. :)

thanks for the link! I've linked you as well :)

Katie M. said...



Ernest Chee said...

I am using my cell phone for my alarm, so I can't smash it, otherwise I'll have to keep on getting a new one everyday. Hehe...You are cute

confessing7girl said...

@LeRoy:i need a powerful device to wake up!!!i would never wake up with my cellphone!!!

@Patricia Gonzalez:im in bad mood when i wake up...stay away at least until i get some water on my face!! :)u see i totally understand that guy!!

@'Nefty:glad u like it!:)

@Rajeev:well good for u , u hv a human alarm mom would never wake me up im a little monster in the mornings!!:D

@Writer on Board:hey thanx for the tip!!!!! i like my nickname!!:D

@Zewt:guess u wake up fast!!:D maybe ill try that stategy!! i dont think that will work but wont hurt to try...

@Katie M:yeah i always think ahh just a few more minutes!!!!!thats why im always running!!!thanx for the link!!

@Ernest Chee: its good that u can control ur anger!! :D:)and thanx for visiting!!

`NEFTY said...

It was funny, but I use my cellphone to awaken me:]]

soul&body said...

waiiiiiiii tou a ver k sou mais uma de usar o tlmvl como alarme :D
cmo eu odeio...como eu te compreendo tao bem!!! LOL simplesmente odeio :arrrr

zewt said...

any result?

confessing7girl said...

@'Nefty & Soul&Body: i guess everyone uses cellphones except me!!! ohhhhh im soo lonelly!!!!!

@Zewt:didnt try it yet but i guess thats not a good idea..not if i want to arrive on time!!!