Monday, June 18, 2007

Gadgets for Girls!

The Riding Vacuum Cleaner!
We all know Moms have the hardest job in the whole world! So if you want your kid to start helping you from a tender age all you have to do is make cleaning up fun!! Now it's easy cause you can buy this cute little riding vacuum cleaner and your kid can make imaginary horse races all over the house and be cleaning it at the same time!!!!!

After the Swarovski crystal encrusted Nexpresso coffee makers it's time to have matching USB drives!! Ahhh they look so cute!!! They can be yours for $179 each with 1GB capacity!! I still wonder why would anyone give so much money for this tiny little gadgets when you can have a real USB drive for less than half of that price!! Guess fashion still rules our female world! But i have to say i would prefer a new purse/bag!!!! :D

18 confessions:

`NEFTY said...

That first 1 stated a good point:]]]]

lisa q. said...

vacuum? who vacuums?? hehe...

ah bling...that's what i need...some bling...

girl i had to completely reformat my computer! i lost everything! i'm still reloading software...OMG! :(

soul&body said...

sim senhora.... depois de algum tempo ausente vejo que andaram a fazer mudanças, a mudar o template e tu não es a unica!!!, o rosa fica bom!!! ;)
e porque será que não tou admirada de teres aderido a um blog de fans do johnny deep :D LOL ;)

kaylee said...

I dont ever vaccumm! hehe I am a spoiled kid that doesnt do many chores!I love the other one though:D

Rajeev said...

The vacuum cleaner looks good! :D
$179 for those!? who in their right minds would buy that!?

peace & love

Ish said...

Haha nice vacuum cleaners indeed. That's what you call multipurpose. But I guess you don't wanna see your kid sticking his head inside the lower portion of his imaginary horse.

And gee, those are some pen drives. You can't even lend them to somebody and if they get stolen, not only do you lose your data, you also lose all those diamonds!

lemonade said...

i luuurve the pen drives...!!!!

LeRoy Dissing said...

Do I dare ask? What next? One that carries pets?

confessing7girl said...

@nefty:sure does ...can be really helpful!

@lisa: everygirl needs some bling!! :D oh girl reformating!!!!!! damn bad luck and i had to look for all my bookmarks they were all gone!!

@soul&body:entao já voltastes! não aderi ao blog do depp é nosso mesmo (hey glad u came back to the blogworld and not i didnt joing the depp blogroll i, lisa and taylor own the deppblogroll)

confessing7girl said...

@kaylee:ah girl u should always help ur mom!! :D:D

@rajeev:i know i know who said anything about sanity!!

@ish: ahh come on this is just for fun, lets says i find this things completely useless but they r sooo cute!!!

@lemonade: oh yeahh girl !!bling!!

@leroy: ive seen things and theres even a treadmill for dogs!!

Dharm said...

hey nice keep house clean through a little effort!!!

Rajeev said...

I changed it yesteday itself!
and u even commented upon it! ?:)
so how ya doin'!?

peace & love

Taylor_Blue said...

hey did you two have a virus that knocked you out???

confessing...did I say that I bought those things on ebay??? :)

And the riding vaccuum I need one of those since after monday i won't have to vaccuum for 2 months!!!

confessing7girl said...

@dharm: hi welcome thanks for visiting!! yeaa and it can be fun for kids, moms def appreciate that!!

@rajeev: im doing fine thanks

@taylor_blue: u r a mom u def should get ur own riding vacuum cleaner and tyler would love it!!!

curryegg said...

Wow! They are lovely esp the vacumm!!! Cute! And it's that really a USB?
How gorgeous they look!

confessing7girl said...

@curryegg: yeah girl its a true USB drive!! it works!!!!!

Kali said...

Shear genius! I'll pay top dollar for that vacuum cleaner!

confessing7girl said...

@kali:ahh u learn to appreciate this simple thing right!!!?? :D