Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day


That tall, handsome man who held me before I could walk
He with strong hands that applauded just as I learned to talk
Who held my bike seat and ran along side me
His strides far wider than I could even see?

Once, with a pencil, he drew the boat he rode inside...
when war came and he left with the tide.

His smile was kind; his workday long; his whistle always warbled a mellow song.
Sharp was his mind; gentle his ways; kind was his heart all of his days!

I'd only known him since I arrived on this earth
He was there...loving me from the day of my birth.
Somehow, even now, I can feel him around
And I know that someday when I leave this ground
I'll see him again and he'll guide me as before
Toward our Father's heavenly home and the open door.

My Dad!

By Barbara J. Crisco

10 confessions:

KAYLEE said...

hey girl! thats a beautiful poem!even though you didnt write it I still like it.Hope you had a good weekend

lisa q. said...

beautiful poem girl! :)

Pankaj Gupta said...

yeah Happy fathers day to u too dear..

well i think if u r depressed just try to be wt ur frns (lik me)ha ha..i mean try to find Happiness in every moment dear..howa re you..

things i hate;
to wake up in the morning;
people smoking around me;
traffic when i come home;

things i LOVE
;talking and gossiping with friends
i watch a week;
at least one movie!;

ha ha..we hv smthng in common ..i lik all thses few too.bye.GOD bless you(me too)
ha ha .bye.

zewt said...

a very happy fathers' day to the dad of confessing7girl...!

LeRoy Dissing said...

I ditto what zewt said. Hope it was a good one for your dad confessing7girl. With a daughter like you, how could it be anything but great! :)

confessing7girl said...

@kaylee: thanks girl...yeah my weekend was great!!!

@lisa:thanx girl!!!!!!!!i really liked it and since its fathers day..... !!

@pankaj gupta: thanks for the support, i guess thats just a come and go depression... guess its all about the stage in my life!! guess we hv something in common!! :D

@zewt: hey thank u!! that was so sweet!!

@leroy:ahhhhhhhhhh u r always such a sweet!!!!!! thanx!! :D of course it was great!!!

Taylor_Blue said...

Happy fathers day...thats a nice poem...(sniffles) (My dad and I aren't talking) (bawls)

Sharad Mathur said...

nicely dune.
happy fathers da to all dads [:)]


Enemy of the Republic said...

This is lovely.

confessing7girl said...

@taylor_blue: oh girl im sorry about ur dad ... remember ur husband is a dad too so cheer up girl!!

@sharad mathur: thanks for u too!!!

@enemy of the republic: ahh thanks girl , glad u like it!!