Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today i just didn't know what to post...
So i visited my girl Lisa's blog 40's singleness and i found the most amazing thing a Love Calculator!! You know me i couldn't resist taking the names test...
I started with my EX- loser boyfriend.... i actually used real names i won't be disclosing here!
Make me happy
Love match for Confessing7Girl and EX: 29.75%
Confessing7Girl loves EX, but EX doesn't know what to do.
Tell me the truth
Love match for Confessing7Girl and EX: 17%
Confessing7Girl shouldn't even try
What a surprise the loser never made me happy anyway! :D That's when i tried something absolutely insane... matched my real name with Johnny!!!
Make me happy
Love match for Confessing7Girl and Johnny: 106.75%
Tell me the truth
Love match for Confessing7Girl and Johnny: 61%
You both like each other very much. Keep it going!
AH AH!! So My Own Freaky Friday dreams had something more deep to it and he really loves me!! :D

16 confessions:

kaylee said...

OMG That is weird but,hey if you like Johnny you must love that calculator and it percentages:D

kaylee said...

its official that thing FREAKY I put in the kid I like(should i mention i have no idea if he likes me?)and it said 79% perfect match gt married.

curryegg said...

Lol... that calculator must be a cool thing. Great to know that you've 106.75% with Johnny..

KAYLEE said...

I DID it thanks:D

SJ said...

106.75% !! LOL.

I tried it too - I think I should have stuck to "Make Me Happy" :( :(

confessing7girl said...

@kaylee:ahh see girl the guy loves u!!!!! :P proceed with caution!!

@curryegg: thanx girl ;)

@SJ: dont take it too seriously its just a name match!!

Princess Banter said...

hahaha sweeeeeeet! thanks... i totally enjoyed that love calculator ;)

Nothingman said...

I wonder what would my score be with Kiera knightly!! :P



Rajeev said...

I tried my luck with all my fav actresses! but damn i didnt get more than 30% with any of them! :(
My love life sucks! :(
good for u!

peace & love

SJ said...

I know ... when I used my full rather than the shorter version of my name I was got totally different results.

Taylor_Blue said...

i must be meant to be!!!

confessing7girl said...

@princess banter: yeah it totally fun to play with !!

@nothingman: go check it out and come tell us!!

@rajeev: try with non-actresses!! someone u like?? dont be sad its just a game!!

@SJ: see there is still hope!! ;)

@taylor_blue: oh girl its totally meant to be!!!

kaylee said...

You got me hooked on this stupid love calculator now...I was literally up until 2 am playing with it:D

Neo said...

hey congrats! now if only johnny knew!

LeRoy Dissing said...

confessing7girl...you have a major obsession and I can tell you are loving it way too much! lol

confessing7girl said...

@leroy: u can tell?? :D im having a blast!! :D