Saturday, July 7, 2007

New 7 Wonders of the World Announced

It's over... the new 7 Wonders of the World were revealed in my home town Lisbon today, it was an amazing ceremony from the Luz Stadium (my soccer team's stadium SLBenfica).
The show was present by Ben Kingsley, Hilary Swank and the Indian beauty Bipasha Basu, there was lots of lights, fireworks and floating...
Completely spectacular was the presentation of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World within a gigantic book hanging in the air, it was given a brief description and it was pointed out that only one, the Great Pyramid of Giza (Cairo, Egypt) is still standing!!

Although with a lot of different amazing performers like Alessandro Safina, José Carrera, Chaka Khan and Joaquin Cortez who really took the stage by storm was the incredible Jennifer Lopez. She performed the new song "Que Hiciste" and a medley of her biggest successes from "Love Don't Cost a Thing" to "Get Right"... but the biggest moment of the night was when Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo came down to announce one of the New Wonders!! (new gallery)
Back to what's important the new 7 Wonders were chosen worldwide by over than 90 million votes on the first global election and here they are:
  • Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Brazil)
  • Machu Picchu (Peru)
  • Chichen Itza pyramid (Mexico)
  • Great Wall of China (China)
  • Petra (Jordan)
  • Colosseum (Rome, Italy)
  • Taj Mahal (India)
that's 4 out of my 7 favorites...

But the biggest surprised of the night was the declaration of a new global election now for the New 7 Wonders of Nature!! Find more information here.

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Ish said...

Wow, your blog's featured on the first page on Google when you search for the Seven Wonders.

I'm happy Taj Mahal managed to get into the list and the ceremony, whatever I've seen of it, seemed beautiful.

Hanafi A. said...

hi !
I am astonished that you excluded the pyramid from Egypt, but I find chock blog trèes then interesting good continuation and cheer for your combat

Anonymous said...

I, too, thought Lopez put on an amazing performance. ... And if you just can't get enough wonders today, here is another such list: "The 7 Wonders of the Internet."

Nothingman said...

A nice list of places to drop my nukes :D

taj a wonder?? heck! India doesn't deserve it!


Susie said...

Girl.. you have the latest scoop on everything! You are totally my go to girl about everything that's happening in the world. I love your blog and I am so happy that we are chicas... :)

curryegg said...

Hey there!
I just read about this too from the newspaper. I'm glad that "The Great Wall" of China got a place. haha...
Nice post!

confessing7girl said...

@ish: wow really?? :D thats good!!! Taj Mahal was my favorite!! absolutely love it and the story behind it! :D

@hanafi:hi thanks for ur visit!! but i didnt excluded anything these was the actual winners of the 7Wonders of the World ... it was a worldwide election!

@anonymous: thanks for ur visit and the link... loved J LO too!!

@nothingman: N dont say that u hurt my feelings... Taj Mahal was actually my favorite (and the great wall of china too and Christ Redeemer)!! it has a beautiful story and India totally deserves it!! :D

@susie: yea chica!! :D i try to stay u all updated on the world news!! :D

@curryegg:yeahhh dont forget to get involved in the new 7wonders of nature!! :D

Taylor_Blue said...

you got alot of good posts in here girl! I don't think any of the ones I chose were in there...

check out my new rocks!

confessing7girl said...

@taylor_blue: thanks girl i was blogging all day saturday!! :D seen ur new template and lemonade rocks!! :D