Saturday, August 4, 2007

Are You Talking to Me?

Sick of pick up lines older than your grandma?? Have some fun with this poem!

Are You Talking to Me?
"Are you talking to me?" she said passing by
"Yes, you ... you ... next to the bald-headed guy,
"I think you're real gorgeous ... that flaming red hair
Is exceedingly beautiful and really quite rare.

"I love the way that it curls round your face,
And the way that it seems your ears to embrace,
And the way that it darkens the green of your eyes,
And the way on your cheek that a loose tendril lies."

She took a deep breath as she paused in her stride,
Her lips slowly parted, her eyes opened wide,
She smiled as she whipped the wig from her head,
"If you like it so much, here, you wear it instead."
By Pat Cannard

23 confessions:

morinn said...

haha! too good! i should try that one soon!

LeRoy Dissing said...

How many women acutally wear wigs anyways that they could do this?

SJ said...

I go with Elvis Presley -

You look like an angel
You talk like an angel
You walk like an angel
But I am wise to you
You are the devil in disguise.

Don't know why the last two lines gets me a stare even a slap at times :)

confessing7girl said...

@morinn: hi welcome and thanks for visiting me! :D

@leroy: ahh cant u just enjoy it for it being funny!!! of course no girl wears wigs unless she is britney spears!!! :D hehe

@SJ:slap well deserved!! :D hehe u cant just go on quoting the king!! :D

soul&body said...

that's so crazy XD

Personal Development for the Book Smart said...

Lol.. didn't expect the ending!

KAYLEE said...

love that poem!!!!!!!!1

LeRoy Dissing said...

I can enjoy it for being funny :):) Could also use some more hair too! lol

KAYLEE said...

its got me thinking of something.........

Taylor_Blue said...

That is very cute...I wish that someone would say that about my hair..LOL

HowToMe said...

Lol. Hilarious! You remind me of my Mom singing "The Dummy Song" by Louis Armstrong. It was so funny! It's longer than this but maybe you'll find it enjoyable in it's shortened form.

"I'll take the legs from some old table. I'll take the arms from some old chair. I'll take the neck from some old bottle. And from a horse I'll take the hair.

I'll take the hands and face from off the clock. And baby when I'm through. I'll get more loving from the dum-dum-dummy. Than I ever got from you..."

Teeheehee. Night!

lisa q. said...

too funny! love love love it! :D

punkthepump said...

lol cool xP

confessing7girl said...

@soul&body::D funny right!! :D

@personal development:hii thanks for visiting me!!:Dhehe guess its a little not romantic at all!! :D

@kaylee: thanks girl!! got u thinking about what??

@leroy:hey hey bald is sexy!! :D

@taylor:so u wish u had a wig?? is that right?? :D

@howtome:thanks for visiting me and for sharing the song its hilarious!! :D

@lisa q.:glad u like it girl!!! :D

confessing7girl said...

@punkthepump:hii thanks for coming byt and leaving me a comment!! dont be a stranger!!

Tammy Duplessie said...

Very cute!

Drama Div@ said...


Personal Development for the Book Smart said...

You are leaving in a world where...
you need to visit me more often!

lol... =P

confessing7girl said...

@tammy:hi thanks for visiting me and dont be a stranger!! :D

@drama div@:hehe i know! :D

@personal development: i will visit u more often i promise!! :D

Katie M. said...

Hahahaha... that is so great! Thanks for the laugh, I needed it this morning :)

confessing7girl said...

@katie m::D hehe if it makes someone feel a little better its def worth it!! glad i could cheer u up!!

Taylor_Blue said...

I said about my hair...not my wig!! LOL :P

confessing7girl said...

@taylor: ahh sorry!!! so u do hv wigs!! :D hehe tells us all about it!! :P