Saturday, September 15, 2007

New Season of Desperate Housewives Promo Pictures and Commercial

Yes it's September and all the new seasons for our favorite shows are coming! I'm excited to start seeing House, Heroes and of course Desperate Housewives that premieres September 30th!! Just for a taste of the new 4th season here is the new promo photos, i think they get better each season... Eva Longoria, Felicity Huffman, Marcia Cross, Nicollette Sheridan and Teri Hatcher look absolutely fabulous!!

And the new commercial for Desperate Housewives counts with music by Jennifer Lopez "Mile in These Shoes" from her new album Brave!!

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SJ said...

Am not that desperate to see the housewives no matter how much eyecandy they have aroud :)

lisa q. said...

not a housewives fan, but i definitely can't wait for the house premiere! :D

confessing7girl said...

@SJ:ahh i like DH!!! its not comedy its not drama its something in between with a little bit of CSI too :D

@lisa:ah ah ah me too its coming its coming next week girl!! im so excited!!

Jmus said...

Ive never seen a blog like this one, its cool, looks like a woman magazine though...but I bet thats the intention, really nice...although Im a male lOL =P

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Thanks, cya soon :)

Anonymous said...


Triple Threat and J. LO look-alike, 14-year-old Montana Tucker surprisingly finds her year old demo song, "Mile in These Shoes," being performed by Jennifer Lopez on her forthcoming album as well as the theme song on the promo spot for the upcoming season of the Emmy award winning drama series "desperate housewives."

Controversy or Coincidence?

The similarities between 14-year old singer, dancer and actress Montana Tucker and triple threat Jennifer Lopez are astounding. The two have more in common than the widely publicized song entitled, "Mile in These Shoes," which is performed by Lopez and utilized for the Season 4 promotional spot for CBS hit television show, "Desperate Housewives." Despite claims that the song was penned specifically for Lopez, the song was acquired and performed for over a year by Montana Tucker, a young rising star from South Florida.

Montana, an aspiring performer selected, "Mile in These Shoes" from dozens of songs offered to her by Atlanta-based producer Warren "Oak" Felder, which whom she recorded "Mile in These Shoes" with. According to Montana's management, the song was to fit her demo package nearly a year ago and she has continued to perform the song, intending to shop her project to major record labels when she turns fifteen in January. At the time the recording was made, "Oak" was part of the production team of Grammy award winning songwriter and producer Sean Garrett which coincidentally, Garrett adds his credit to Jennifer Lopez's upcoming album "BRAVE" and is alleging to have no idea that the song, "Mile in These Shoes," was originally recorded and licensed by Montana Tucker. Management goes on to claim, "we paid the producer [Oak] a fee to record the song. By accepting the fee and producing Montana's vocal performance granted an implied license to distribute, promote and to perform it publicly (live and recorded)."

The Internet blogging world is swirling with rumors regarding, the "Mile in These Shoes," controversy. Some have contacted Montana via her my space page at in an effort to access the only available full-length version of "Mile in These Shoes," and to comment, most of which has been positive. Tucker says, "Jennifer Lopez is one of my biggest inspirations and I am ecstatic that she chose a song that I also picked, I am a singer, dancer and actress just as she is and one day I hope to work with her and become the icon that she now is and I hope that she will acknowledge my role in "Mile in These Shoes."

Tucker is vocally trained by world renowned producer and vocal coach Betty Wright, who recently starred on MTV's, "Making the Band 3," with Danity Kane. Though the young performer is excited that her inspiration [Jennifer Lopez] selected the song through the mutual production team, in her estimation, this is simply another instance where the two stars have crossed paths. After auditioning for the movie, "Unfinished Life,"' for the part of Jennifer Lopez's daughter, which Lopez starred in and co-executive produced with Robert Redford; Montana was called back twice, but did not secure the part. It is simply confirmation that she is on the right path and destined to follow in the footsteps of Lopez.

Tucker began her musical career as a backup dancer for artists such as Ashanti, Ashley Simpson, Raz-B of B2K, and many others. She was also recently featured with Chris Brown on MTV's "My Super 18" where she performed for his birthday party at Club 40/40 in New York City. Montana also has been opening up for international artists including Grammy Award winning Pop Artist Ciara, Award Winning R&B singer Omarion, and Reggaeton Rapper Pit Bull just to name a few. Montana was chosen for the lead in Lil Romeo's video, because of her resemblance to Jennifer Lopez, the casting called for a "young version of Jennifer Lopez". Ironically, Montana is always told that she looks like a younger version of Jennifer Lopez, so is the emerging young triple threat the next J.LO? To find out more information about Montana Tucker please visit

Anonymous said...

yesterday at night,
I was taking a shower at about 2:30 am.
and without even thinking of the show or it's commercial
I understood it,
we have Edie who comits suicide,
Lynette who is trying on wigs bescause she has cancer, so she's gonna have some chemiotherapy,
Bree with the baby bed, because she is faking her pregnancy, Susan on a bed with only one pillow, wich means indicates that no more 1 pillow, cuz she got married, and finally Gabrielle who ripes off her perle neklace meaning she will leave Victor (the money and fame)...