Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 US Open Best Player

I know the US Open ended last week or was it the week before?? But as i was so busy doing my VMA's cover that i let the finals go by without a single word.
I bet you are all expecting me to say the best player was Roger Federer (Helloo BOOOring!) cause he won is 4th time in a row and he is the number 1 player in ATP ranking but you are completely wrong!!!!
For me the best player was without a doubt Novak Djokovic, he is young, he plays amazing tennis, he is sooo cute and i think he is still single!!! (Novak honey next time you come to Portugal drop me an email and i'll take you to a SL Benfica match ;) !!)

Novak is that player that loves to take his shirt off at the end of matches and makes impressions of his own colleagues and their manners on court!! Watch Novak funny impression of Sharapova and Nadal.... priceless... love it!!!

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2 confessions:

SJ said...

I think Djokovic is awesome. He's young and will be beating regularly Federer soon.

You seen those impersonations he makes of other players? Just check YouTube if you haven't.

confessing7girl said...

@sj: i agree he has it all he is going to make it big!! love him (i saw everything there was to see about him on utube!!