Friday, October 19, 2007

Britney Spears runs over paparazzi's foot... what else is new??

I don't know why Britney breaking a paparazzi' foot with her car is news!! Britney already treats them like her b*tches... and they love her, a broken foot is not gonna make a difference!
What is news is that Britney was leaving a clinic supposedly to have her lips fixed!!
Oh yeah Britney knows how to take care of herself, first the tanning sessions now her lips! She is such a natural girl!!

4 confessions:

justagirl said...

not 1 day goes by without britney making the news

LayDdee said...

do you think it will ever be really good news?....consistently?

confessing7girl said...

@jaustagirl: true its kinda boring but at the same time if she didnt make news where would we find someone to gossip about!! :D

@layddee: good news no def not good news but its what we hv!! :D

Anonymous said...

Britney is nothing to look at, which constituted 90 plus percent of her appeal. I get the feeling that, perpetually stoned, she will probably smoke, drink, drug and drive herself to an early demise.

This pattern just follows the pushy parent syndrome, a suffocating childhood filled with auditions, sing and dance lessons and more importantly, NOT LETTING A CHILD HAVE ANY SEMBLANCE OF A NORMAL CHILDHOOD.

Other victims of this are Danny Bonaduce, Michael Jackson, Tatum O' Neal and many more I can't presently recall.

It seems that Brooke Shields, despite being forced into salacious movies at a young age, has remained strong and has her ---- together. Oh yes...Mary Kate and Ashley zombies took off for some other galaxy long ago...