Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Britney Spears Naked in "Gimme More" Uncensored Video

I just never thought that one day i would see this! But it's real, during the shot of her music video for Gimme More, Britney didn't hesitate to take her top off and get in contact with the stripper inside her!! If this video is taken out of YouTube there's some stills of the video!

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8 confessions:

Aaron Cook said...

Are those pasties or does she just have them painted over?

Either way, I think it's time our society got over the breast taboo and stopped sexualizing so much. Heck, women even get heckled and yelled at when trying to breastfeed their babies! I think that's just ridiculous and wrong. And if guys can take their shirts off when the weather is hot, girls should be allowed to as well. I know I wouldn't want to have to sweat in the heat with a friggin' bra on!

Well, I guess I kinda got on my soapbox there. :P Anyway, just dropped in to say hello! :)

Shine on,

confessing7girl said...

oh yeah they r and yes they are painted to look like stars!!
as for the society issues... i dont know about u but i find it disturbing to look at shirtless men, i cant really focus on whatever they might be saying!! so for guys must happen the same when they see topless girls!!
of course women should hv the same rights as men! but lets be appropriate and not starting to go to work topless :D:D:D

Ice Princess said...

In Ontario, Canada, women are allowed to go topless if they so choose.

This came about several years ago when a woman, walking her dog, found it too hot and took off her top. She was arrested for indecent exposure.

There was an uproar over this, and so by the Summer of 1997, women going topless in public was no longer illegal.

The US should get over the puritan times and follow suit. Sexual repression is what's causing a lot of problems in your country.

Aaron Cook said...

I thoroughly agree Ice Princess! If men can do it, then women should be allowed to as well. Either that, or no one at all...which would be even more idiotic.

I think it's high time people in my country grew up and pulled their heads out of their butts. There are so many problems here, yet we choose to focus on and waste time on the most ridiculous of things. America simply is NOT all that's it's cracked up to be.

LOL Confessing7Girl. No, definitely not at work! ;) ...Unless of course it's at at topless bar. :P

Shine on,

confessing7girl said...

@ice princess: well u r absolutely right!! and in Portugal (thats where i live!!) we can go topless on the beach no problem and we hv nude beaches too!! but if i was to go topless on the streets i would most probably get arrested! what i mean is that nudity is natural but u sure def cant use it anywhere u like without consequences!!

@Aaron: :) yeah not to work!! i guess u got my point! and hello certainly not for the whole world to see on a video... but that just depends on the person doing it!!

Sevenine said...

Dear heavens. If nothing else she has done has convinced anyone, this should be good evidence that she needs to stop worrying about her career, take responsibility for herself and her kids, and clean up her life. As much as the magazines and tabloids indulge in it, there's nothing enjoyable about watching a trainwreck.

confessing7girl said...

@sevenine: i keep on saying she needs mental help!! she truly needs rehab ...

Heidi Yossry said...

hi everybody ,i think that nudity is not natural and going topless for women is not appropriate. coz the woman has her witchcraft and the clothes is must to protect her from bold eyes and sexual harassment . we do not live in utopia . there are bad guys ,really bad guys out there .