Sunday, October 14, 2007

Celebrity Weekend Links

Heidi Klum & Seal look amaxing together! (Taylor's Entertainment News)

Britney is hooked on Starbucks! (PopSugar)

Josh Harnett & item? (Taylor's Entertainment News)

Lindsay Lohan wants to stay in Utah! (The Star Blogger)
John Travolta wants to be the Spice Girls' pilot... (Geno's World)

Orlando Bloom Involved In Car Crash (Slash News)

2 confessions:

curryegg said...

Hello girl!
How are you? Didn't visit your blog for some times.. Hope that you're fine..
Britney was in starbuck? Lol...

confessing7girl said...

@curryegg: hey girl me fine how r u?? :D hows school?? and yeah britney was at starbucks!! :D shes everywhere...